18 weeks

I’m not crazy about these pictures because of the weird shadowing, but that’s what happens when you make your husband take them at 7 pm…
So, let’s see what’s new this week……The belly is starting to pop a little more. I still feel like I’m at the stage where I can wear one outfit and look really pregnant and then another where I do not look pregnant at all. Such a strange phase…like a constant disappearing/reappearing belly trick. I’m still wearing all of my normal clothes; pants still fitting fine, but my work pants have officially become a little snug unless I undo the top hook. The weight is finally coming on…with a sudden quickness that is just thrilling. (Ha). It’s like one day you step on the scale and you’re still your normal weight, and then the next morning you step on and you somehow managed to gain 3 lbs overnight!? So that’s fun. As far as food goes, this kid is making me crave carrots and cucumbers dipped in either ranch or hummus something fierce! I seriously cannot get enough. Sadly, my nightly ice cream eatings (which were short lived after my first trimester nausea) has quickly come to an end. Baby is not crazy about dairy to begin with, but every time I try and eat a bowl of delicious ice cream after 7 pm I am punished with extreme nausea and overall grossness so I have officially thrown in the towel. You win this time, baby. I guess I’ll just have to eat my ice cream for lunch from now on! Exercising is going pretty well. I ran 3 (slow) miles on the treadmill on Saturday and I felt great! Until about 20 minutes after I was done and my stomach muscles started to hurt so badly, like they were bruised to the touch. This week is a big week with ligament/muscle stretching and growing and apparently my 3 bouncy miles did not do my stomach any justice. Luckily the uncomfortableness did not last very long. This has also been a big week for movement (finally!) This past week I really started feeling baby flutter and roll, which has been so much fun. This is my favorite stage of movement, when those little flutters bring smiles instead of painful “ouch!!!”-es as will soon happen post-30 weeks. And that’s about all that’s new in the 18th week!!

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