19 weeks

19 weeks! Updates for this week include……Another lb gained, baby is starting to move like CRAZY (the movements are still like little light flutters, but when baby kicks hard enough I’m starting to feel him/her from the outside if my hand is exactly in the right spot…), and I’m still craving salt, salt, salt! With Leah I was all about the sweets…ice cream, cookies, chocolate, you name it, I wanted it. With baby #2, I could totally pass on the brownies, but then eat an entire bag of pita chips. Not sure either is the healthier option….The belly is starting to really pop this week (at least to me). I’m still fitting into my normal work pants (and STILL no one at work seems to know I’m pregnant…) but I have pulled out my all time favorite maternity shorts from when I was pregnant with Leah (being worn in above pictures). These shorts are sooo comfy, but after wearing them until 41 weeks with Leah, and then passing them on to my sister when she was pregnant, let’s just say the belly band is a bit stretched out. Even with it folded down, I’ve still been hiking up my shorts all day, but it’s totally worth it. Just give me a few more weeks and I’m sure this stomach will be filling out the belly band once again. So! Let’s talk gender for a minute!! We are (hopefully!) finding out whether baby is a boy or a girl this Thursday at my 20 week scan (so as you can see, I’m always a few days behind with these weekly updates, but oh well…) Everyone and their mother is telling me that this baby is a BOY (including one of our super sweet 70 something year old hospital volunteer who apparently is “never wrong” and who took one look at me and said, “You know it’s a boy, right?” And, truth be told, when I was pregnant with Leah she did correctly guess girl….) so I feel myself being sucked in and definitely, definitely thinking this kid is a boy. Which totally means that it’ll be a girl, right? I, on the other hand, stink at guessing what other people are having (I am seriously always wrong) so I don’t even know what to think about my own. I keep getting asked if I have a “feeling” on “inclination,” but honestly I don’t, besides the fact that boy, boy, boy has been pounded into my head from everyone around me. Yes, this pregnancy has been a little different than my last, yes baby’s heart rate is consistently lower than Leah’s ever was and yes, I’m craving salty foods, so all signs DO seem to point to boy, but  we all know those “signs” mean nothing in the end. So wait we will for just a few more days!! Honestly, I will be thrilled no matter what baby is. A lot of people seem to assume that I want a boy, “Oh, well since you already have a girl!”But, growing up with all sisters, I would be thrilled to pieces if Leah gets to experience just a little of what I did. So as lame as it is to say “All I want is a healthy baby!” I can totally say with 100% conviction that, no matter what gender news we hear on Thursday, I will be crying tears of joy!!!

2 thoughts on “19 weeks

  1. raspberrychai says:

    Just had to comment, because I found you on wordpress and thought, “she looks familiar!” Turns out I followed your pregnancy blog when you were pregnant with your first, because I was also pregnant with my first. She turns 2 next week. I am now 19 weeks pregnant as well, so looking forward to reading your blog some more. 🙂

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