21 weeks

I’m always a few days late with these updates…so technically I’m almost half way through the week, but I figure how much can I change in a few days, right?? One of these days I’ll try and post on time….

So, 21 weeks. Updates for this week include: Another lb gained and baby GIRL is moving and squirming around more and more. This marks the first week that Brett got to feel her from the outside. Does anyone else ever notice that baby seems to just know when it’s the mom’s hand on the belly vs anyone else’s?? Brett and I can be sitting on the couch, watching our evening show (we’re flying through Scandal on Netflix and LOVING it) and I can have my hand causally resting on the bump. Baby will start squirming and kicking like crazy, and I’ll quickly grab Brett’s hand and place in on my belly and then he feels….nothing. It’s like baby knows it’s not my hand and suddenly she gets all shy and doesn’t care to perform. So it’s taken quite some time for me to finally be able to do the hand switch quick enough for Brett to feel a good kick! I feel like we spent most of this week really letting it sink in that we are having another girl! Every time I think about it I get more and more excited and when I see two little sisters together I can’t help but smile (or cry, but you know…pregnancy hormones….) The 21st week also marks the moment where this pregnancy no longer went unnoticed. I’ve switched to wearing maternity pants full time this week and the belly just popped (as least to me it has). I had numerous nurses on my unit suddenly exclaim “Oh my gosh, you’re pregnant?!” on Friday and it made me laugh to answer, “Yup, 21 weeks…it’s another girl” to all of their astonished faces. It’s not that I MEANT to hide it for this long, it’s just a weird thing to casually bring up at work so I was just waiting for everyone to finally notice. And I guess now is the time! You know when I first started these updates, around 17 weeks, and I said I was carrying smaller than I was with Leah? I think that time too has passed. I look at pictures from the same week with my first pregnancy and I definitely think I look bigger this time around. I’ll have to post some side-by-side pictures for a true comparison. My belly is also SO different than it was with Leah. With Leah, I was more round where as this belly seems to be more narrow on the sides and pointy in the middle. My friend’s husband calls those pointy bellies “torpedo bellies” and I’m afraid this one may be one of those….We shall see as I continue to grow! It is funny to me just how differently your body can carry a second pregnancy, even when the first was only 2 years ago. We leave for New York this Friday for a full week to visit Brett’s family and see his sister get married so my next update will be from NY!

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