24 weeks

So I had the best intentions when it came to posting pregnancy updates from New York, but then of course I never did so I ended up missing two weeks of updates. Whoops. So let’s play some catch up…

Total weight gain: 10 lbs. Let’s talk weight gain for a minute. I had a slow start with my weight gain this time around, due to stress and morning sickness, and by 17 weeks, I still hadn’t gained any weight. But then, at my next doctor’s appointment, at 21 weeks, I had suddenly gained 8 lbs!! The nurse who weighed me let slip a little “oh wow!” at my impressive jump. Obviously she was jealous at my body’s amazing ability to pack on a solid 2 lbs a week for a whole month. I was a little surprised myself, more so because I started to become a tad bit worried that this 2 lbs a week business would continue, which would lead to a nice 45-50 lb weight gain by the end of my pregnancy. When I voiced my concern to my doctor, she just laughed and promised me that my body was just making up for lost time and that it would all even out in the end. And I’m pleased to see that she has been right and that 3 weeks later I’m only up another 2 lbs. BUT! I have also accepted that my body is going to do what my body needs to do. I’m exercising, I’m eating right (well…relatively…besides my overwhelming craving for peanut butter M&M’s and all….) and I am now completely comfortable in allowing my body to do what ever is healthy for this baby!
Biggest craving this week: Peanut butter M&M’s!! I made Brett buy me a bag and they disappeared in an embarrassing short amount of time….Besides that, my love affair with hummus and pita chips has continued. Oh, and we also ate pizza about 5 times while in New York, but I mean, come on, how could you not when you are surrounded by the best pizza in the country?!
Baby is now the size of: An ear of corn and a little over 1 lb.
How I’m Feeling: Still feeling really good! My energy level is up and I’m hitting the gym 2 times a week as well as walking daily. My belly REALLY popped between week 23 and 24 and I feel like it’s super noticeable now. My nurses on my unit make remarks as I walk by and parents and patients have started commenting as well.
How clothes fit: All maternity clothes all the time. Well, besides some longer “normal” shirts. Funny enough, I have some regular shirts that fit better than some of my maternity shirts…odd how that works. My good friend in NYC gifted me with a pair of her maternity skinny jeans and shorts, which has been a nice addition to my small pregnancy wardrobe. My favorite pair of maternity work pants have a full panel and I still have to fold it down to keep them from sliding down, but I’m sure it will only be a matter of weeks before my belly fully fills out the band!
Movement: Baby is dancing up a storm in there lately and I’m finally at the stage where you can physically see my stomach move from the outside. Last night while watching TV Brett got to really feel her flips for the first time, which is always a fun stage. And today during my staff meeting, I could see my shirt jump every time she rolled or kicked!
Random: Funny story; the other day I met a family in the hospital for a therapy dog visit and the mom did a double take when I walked into the room. Apparently they had met me 3 years ago when I was 8 months pregnant with Leah!! She exclaimed “Wow! You’re pregnant again!!” And it made me laugh, thinking that this woman must assume I’m just popping out babies right and left. Funny though that she remembered me AND the fact that I was pregnant!!
Looking forward to: Finally deciding on a NAME! It’s been tougher to agree on one this time around. By this point in my pregnancy with Leah we had already agreed on a name and I loved that because I felt like baby really took on an identity then. I know we still have 16 more weeks, but I’m bugging Brett to decide already so we can start calling this precious girl by her name!! The good thing is, I think we are super close to officially agreeing on one! 🙂

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