In which I cried and took way too many pictures of Leah eating cookies…

So Saturday was the big day; my baby turned TWO! But backing up a little ways to Friday……

Two years ago on Friday, I was laboring away in the hospital debating whether or not to get an epidural (spoiler alert, I did). At that point I totally expected to give birth at some point during the late afternoon or evening and if someone had told me that I still had over 10 hours left of labor, and that I wouldn’t give birth until the next DAY, I would have punched them in the face. But, 19 hours of labor or not, that sweet girl pictured up there was worth every second of pain because she has brought me nothing but joy over the course of the last 2 years. She is my best little girl friend, my mini me (more in personality than looks) and my heart.

Although her BIG DAY was on Saturday, her teacher offered to do a little school celebration on Friday, which I obviously was all for. We are lucky to have Leah in the sweetest church half day program and her teacher really is the greatest. I know so many school these days have such strict restrictions on what you can and cannot bring in for treats (no glucose, no homemade, no sugar…I’ve heard the list go on and on) but we are lucky to have Leah in a very chill program that, not only allows me to bring in yummy homemade birthday treats, but also allows (and encourages!) me to come in for the birthday snack time celebration where I turned into a full on emotionally charged crazy lady, crying and snapping a million and one pictures of my daughter sitting at the snack table eating a cookie. And yet her compassionate teacher just smiled and said how glad she was that I could stop in.

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