Date Night

So Brett and I don’t get out on many date nights. At all. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that I could count how many dates we’ve been out on since Leah was born TWO YEARS AGO on both hands. That’s pretty sad. It may have something to do with the fact that I’m a bit neurotic when it comes to finding a babysitter for Leah. Which can be seen as a bit ironic since I started babysitting at the age of 12 and obviously saw myself as the most mature, competent babysitter in the world. But sadly I cannot hire younger me. Therefore, the only times we have left Leah is with family members or good friends of mine…And this post is starting to sound like I need an intervention on my babysitting trust issues….

But, moving on!! A few months ago Brett and I opened up our home to a wonderful young lady who was completing her child life internship at the hospital where I work. And just recently she applied (and got accepted!) for a child life position we had open in our ER and she made the big move down to South FL to start her new career. We were lucky enough to have her stay with us again for a few days while she waited for her apartment to be ready and she generously offered to watch Leah so we could go out on an actual date! And since we just recently went out on a date in New York we felt like we were being spoiled! 2 date nights in one month!? Look at us crazy kids!!

Brett and I were actually on a date at PF Changs when I told him I was pregnant so we decided to head on back there for dinner because we don’t like change we were feeling sentimental.  And mostly because I’ve been craving their tofu lettuce wraps something fierce. So off we set at the senior citizen hour of 5:15 because we wanted to get there before happy hour ended at 6. (You can call us cheap, we don’t mind..) So there we were at 5:30 pm, scarfing down our lettuce wraps and spring rolls and dumplings and then we were done. And it was 6:15 pm. Which is a very embarrassing time to end a date night. Unless you are 80. I suggested a movie, but Brett had the better (and more romantic!) idea of setting out on a dessert adventure in South Beach, Miami. So off we drove, down the ocean lining A1A, while I quickly attempted to Google the best dessert place in Miami.

We decided (well really, my pregnancy cravings decided) on The Icebox Cafe mainly because Oprah claimed that they had the best cake in Miami. We are trusting you Oprah!! I also liked it because, although they were a full service restaurant, they offered a “cake bar” where you could order a piece to go, which was awesome since they were right across the street from the marina. So we get there and Brett had a moment of doubt because the place looked “too trendy” but I was determined to trust Oprah and her cake loving knowledge. Brett knew right away that he wanted the strawberry shortcake (his favorite) but I waffled back and forth between the coconut with butter cream frosting and the Oreo fudge cake. But, life is full of tough decisions, and I finally settled on coconut. I’m sneaky like that because I know Brett hates coconut so this ensured that I would get to eat my entire piece as well as some of his. I never admitted to being considerate when it comes to my dessert decision making.

^^It was a good decision because this cake was AH-MAZING. I liked it better than Brett’s strawberry shortcake that he deemed “Good, but nothing special.”

^^Baby loves cake.

We look our cake across the street and sat on a bench overlooking the bay (and the many million dollar yachts) and watched the sunset. It was fun and romantic and simple and totally perfect.

After cake we walked along the marina, picking out which yacht we would choose once we make our millions. Which could happen, you know. I’m not a HUGE fan of South Beach and it’s crazy party energy, but this part; the gorgeous palm trees and the picture perfect pink sunsets over the bay, is right up my alley.

^^Crappy quality Iphone picture to show our happiness and date night love.
After our walk we headed back home, up A1A, so we could oogle at all the beach front mansions. And then we got home at 9:30 pm, which is a much more respectable end time to a date night, right?? Or maybe I really am just a grandma. All in all, it was a PERFECT date night and I’m so glad I got to spend a wonderful night with this amazing husband of mine!!

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