27 weeks

Total weight gain: 15 lbs
Biggest craving this week: Seltzer! It’s a weird craving to have, but I seriously cannot get enough. Luckily, it’s only helping me drink more water which is a good thing! Besides that, my love for pumpkin hit as soon as September started so I’ve been all about the pumpkin desserts…
Baby is now the size of: A cauliflower. Over 2 lbs and about 14 inches long!!
How I’m Feeling: Tired. Luckily my cold is fading, but (probably from all my nose blowing) I have a super fun new pregnancy symptom: a bloody nose. And I’m talking really bad, blood flowing out bloody nose. Gross. Let’s hope that doesn’t last too long. I’ve also been so itchy this pregnancy! It’s very weird, but it feels like I am having an allergic reaction to something all the time. My chest, arms, back and stomach are especially itchy. It’s horrible and I just want to scratch (or better yet, have Brett scratch my back) all day long! When I mentioned it at my appointment last week my doctor responded with an “Ohhhh one of the rarest pregnancy symptoms!” Like I should be proud at my ability to only get the rarest of horrible pregnancy side effects. Lucky me! Besides that (as I sit here and try not to scratch) I’m still working out at the gym 2-3 weeks, dragging myself there even when I’m feeling exhausted!
How clothes fit: This belly seems to poke out differently than my first. Shirts that I know were still fitting me at this time with Leah, are creeping up over my belly. It’s funny how differently your body can carry a pregnancy! To make it easier to get ready for work I have hung up my small collection of shirts that fit all together so I can just quickly choose in the morning. Sadly, my collection is dwindling down a lot quicker than I would like!
Movement: We are officially starting the time when her movements are not as cute and enjoyable anymore but are instead more painful and jolting. The other day at work she kept punching my hip bone which left me grimacing as I tried to prep a patient for surgery. I still don’t think she’s as hyper (or maybe as big) as Leah was, since she was a lot crazier in the womb, but this one is definitely starting to get some power behind those kicks of hers!
Random: It’s so funny how you can make your belly look bigger vs smaller with how you are standing. I don’t think much about how I pose for these weekly updates (since it’s basically the same) but I realized when I looked at this weeks picture that my belly looks like it has shrunk 3 sizes from last week! When I compared pics I realized that last week I was standing with my back really curved (doing the whole pregnant woman, stick-out-your-stomach pose) while this week I stood up straight and normal. Random, but funny…so if anyone noticed that my belly seems to have drastically shrunk since last week, that’s why!
Looking forward to: My best friend’s baby shower that I’m throwing at my house at the end of the month! 🙂

4 thoughts on “27 weeks

  1. dsmcconville says:

    I had the same itchy symptom when I was pregnant with Ella. It’s the worst, and doesn’t get any better! Count your blessings, though, at least you aren’t pregnant in the middle of the summer– the itching is so much worse when you’re sweaty and hot, too! 😀 Hang in there.

    • Christina Lynne says:

      So crazy!! You are the first person that I’ve heard of that has also experienced the weird pregnancy itching! And yes, with Leah I was pregnant through the summer, so this time around it will be a lot nicer!! 🙂

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