Leah’s Two Year Old Photo Shoot

So, I know Leah’s birthday was a good two weeks ago, but we just hadn’t gotten around to taking her “official” two year old photos until this past weekend. I had a vision in mind of exactly what I was hoping to do and how I wanted them to turn out and, overall, I’m happy with what Brett was able to get! We kind of threw in the photo shoot right before lunch (and therefore, right before nap) so we figured we wouldn’t have too long of a time slot before our model got grumpy, which turned out to be the case. She loved her balloons, then hated them. She loved her bracelets, then hated them. She loved her crown…..Welcome to being 2!! At the end of the brief 20 minute shoot, when I could tell that she had had enough, I asked her if she wanted to take some pictures with Lucy and she responded with an overwhelming, “YES!” This girl LOVES her puppy and as soon as we set Lucy up in the shot, Leah had her in her typical choke hold hug, ready with beaming smiles for the camera. And of course those pictures turned out to be some of my favorites! It’s so special that we will have these pictures to look back on when Lucy and Leah are both grown, to show her the start of her love for her dog. πŸ™‚ So with that, here are some of my favorite pictures!


We sure do love this big, beautiful, spunky two year old of ours!!


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