29 weeks

Total weight gain: 19 lbs
Biggest craving this week: Pumpkin flavored anything, but that may just be because I am craving fall here in the south Florida heat….
Baby is now the size of: A butternut squash. She’s about 3 lbs and is 15-16 inches long!
How I’m Feeling: Just okay. I am dealing with some HORRIBLE round ligament pain, just along my right side (underbelly and groin area). It’s so bad that I can’t cross my right leg without physically lifting it up with my arms and whenever I walk or run I have pain along that side all. the. time. It’s never ending. Sometimes the pain wakes me up at night when I roll over and/or move my right leg and when I stand up I have to physically hold onto my underbelly to keep from being in too much pain. Sounds fun, right? It exhausts me to think that I have 11 more weeks of this to look forward to….Funny enough, spin class doesn’t bother it at ALL (if anything, it helps loosen it and provide some relief for at least a short amount of time) so at least my Monday night spin class is still going strong plus it just gives me one more enticing reason to heave myself up off the couch and go!
How clothes fit: So the other day I ventured to Ross to pick up some new work out clothes (all my workout tanks are starting to creep up the belly-it wasn’t pretty). I only found one long top, but on a whim I decided to check out their small maternity section to see if there was anything good. I have been researching the best pair of maternity leggings (I never had a good pair when I was pregnant with Leah) and everything I read kept pointing me to Ingrid and Isabel except their leggings are $50!! Umm, no thank you. So in Ross I saw a few pair of leggings and I grabbed some to try on. Well, as soon as I slid into the ones pictured above, I knew that I had found the right ones. I am not kidding when I say that these leggings are the most comfortable item of clothing I have EVER put on! They are a “one size fits all” kind of deal but they are still fitted, without being too tight. The waist band is loose enough so that it doesn’t dig into you and they can be worn either under or over the belly. They are thick enough to not be see through at all, but thin enough that they aren’t too hot or bulky. And they are lined with this super soft, fleecy material that feels like the worlds most comfortable blanket against my skin. All that awesomeness for $6.99. Oh yeah! Who needs $50 leggings when you can find the WORLD’S MOST COMFORTABLE leggings for less than $10!?? All that to say, these leggings are never, ever coming off.
Movement: Baby girl is wiggling around in there like crazy and she seems to enjoy punching my left hip bone multiple times a day, which gives me such a horrible jolt it makes me jump every time!
Random: I have had lots of funny/opposite comments with this pregnancy. On one hand I get a lot of “You’re so tiny with your little basketball belly!” or “Are you kidding me?! I was that size at (insert a point in pregnancy less than my own) weeks!” On the completely opposite hand, I’ve gotten some “Oh wow you’re so big!” and “You look SO much bigger than you did with your first pregnancy!” comments. I know it all depends on an individual’s perception and/or their own pregnancy experience, but still, it cracks me up. So apparently I am huge, yet tiny, at the same time!! From now on, I think everyone should just stick with “Wow, you look wonderful!” and leave it at that. 😛
Looking forward to: The baby shower I am throwing for my good friend Katie next weekend!! Can’t wait to celebrate her sweet baby boy who is coming so so soon!!!!

**Oh, PS. For anyone who might wonder why Lucy is wearing a cone, she was spayed on Monday so she is still recovering from surgery!

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