Life lately (according to my Iphone…)

Brett went out of town for a few days and Leah and I enjoyed some mommy and me time. We went on fro-yo dates and I made her sleep with me every night because I’m a baby and I was too scared to sleep alone.

Leah has developed a new “cheeeseee!” face and pictures will never be the same again. I am loving her little smile and poses in every picture we take these days.

Big news for South Florida-we finally got a Trader Joes!!!! Well, technically we’ve had one for awhile now, but it was all the way down in South Miami and as much as I love TJ’s, I couldn’t justify driving 45 minutes to grocery shop. Now, however, we have one only 15 minutes away and we take full advantage of the closeness!! Leah is obsessed with pushing the kid size grocery cart around and mommy is obsessed with the dark chocolate peanut butter cups…and cookie butter….and cowboy bark….and maple cookies. It’s like every pregnant woman’s dream in there.

The cat lady has enjoyed visits with the neighborhood cat. This cat (blacky? Shadow? I can never remember) isn’t exactly owned by anyone, but one of our neighbors lets it sleep in their garage and our other neighbor feeds him (her?) treats, so the cat basically belongs to the street. She has taking a strong liking to Leah and will follow us up and down the street when we go for evening strolls, rubbing up against Leah’s legs until she bends down and pets her. And our little animal lover here is obsessed with her and is so sad anytime we go out and the kitty is no where to be found (which isn’t often). And I just love how Leah has the sweetest little heart for any and all animals!

My child life co-workers threw me and the other pregger child lifers (Katie and Shannon) the CUTEST “Three Peas in a Pod” baby shower at work!! It was so incredibly sweet and all the food was delicious!! I had to leave in the middle to run and pick up Leah, but she came back in time to help me open gifts and snack on cake pops, so she wasn’t complaining!

Fall is coming to Florida!!! (maybe?) The last few days have brought “chilly” mornings and highs of only low 80’s which has made being outside and going on long walks MUCH more enjoyable!! The other day I decided to walk the 3 round trip miles to the grocery store with Leah to get a few necessities and I quickly learned that 83 degrees is still VERY hot for an 8 month pregnant lady pushing a stroller full of groceries, but I just can’t help it. The cool breeze is giving me hope that this hot, hot season is over!!

Lately Leah’s art projects look a lot like this. Who am I to question her artistic genius, even when it spreads itself all over the kitchen floor!? On that day she told me that she was drawing “pumpkins.”

Some of my very best friends took me out to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate baby girl’s soon-to-be arrival!! We had a blast and they spoiled me with an amazing dinner, flowers, and baby gift. I’m so thankful to have these girls in my life!

My friend Katie, however, missed that dinner because she was busy in the hospital GIVING BIRTH to her beautiful baby boy, Colby!!! He was born last Thursday around 2 pm and I am in love with the little squish. I spent much of my morning on Friday up on the mother and baby unit holding that little guy (I mean, working hard for any co-workers who might read this!! haha) and then I just had to go back on Saturday as well before they were discharged. Colby is seriously the cutest little chub muffin in the world (8 lbs 10 oz at birth!!) and yet, still so teeny and I just soaked in his sweetness. I held him over my baby bump and told him that he would be meeting his girlfriend soon!!


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