Halloween 2014


The world’s cutest Minnie Mouse right there.

When I was thinking about what Leah should be for Halloween, it didn’t take me very long to decide on Minnie Mouse. This girl is a HUGE Mickey and Minnie fan. She doesn’t watch much TV and she is still oblivious to the new super popular Disney channel characters, such as Doc McStuffin or Princess Sofia, but Mickey and Minnie? Those two she loves. We own a few Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVDs and, when a car ride or doctor’s office wait becomes too long, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse YouTube videos are what we turn to. So, Minnie was the perfect choice. However, when I started searching for a costume I wasn’t happy with anything I could find. Every costume was either WAY expensive, or really fake and cheap looking and I just wasn’t sold on any of the choices. So I casually brought up the fact that Leah wanted to be Minnie for Halloween to my super talented mother, and before I knew it, a gorgeous, custom made, Minnie Mouse costume showed up on our doorsteps!! Gotta love grandma and her sewing machine!! Thursday afternoon Leah and I trekked out to Party City to find some Minnie Mouse ears, which now, looking back, was the dumbest idea ever because, seriously, who goes to Party City the DAY before Halloween!? Everyone. Everyone goes to Party City the day before Halloween. It took me about 2.5 seconds to find the ears, and another 30 minutes to get OUT of the store, as we waited in a line that snaked up and down 2 aisles. But, at least Leah and I were kept entertained as we watched two mothers behind us almost get into a real life fist fight over the last red Ninja Turtle costume. True story. Craziness, I tell you!!

So the ears were then bought and Leah and I spent Friday practicing how trick or treating would work. She quickly got the phrase down and would yell to me “trick or treaaaaaatt! Now I get candyyyyy!!!!” So the girl was a quick learner. Brett and I figured that we would just go up and down our street like we did last year and then call it a night, but this girl had other plans. Once we hit up the first 2 houses and she quickly realized how fun it was, there was no stopping her. Lucky for us, I don’t think she truly understood what it was she was collecting in her Elmo Easter Halloween basket. Even when someone held out the whole bucket of candy and said “take what you want!” she would still look into the bucket and then very thoughtfully choose one piece to stick carefully in her basket. So it was much more about the collecting than the reward for her. An hour and a half later, as she lugged her heavy basket with both hands (which, side note, weighed about 5 lbs at this point and every time we asked if she wanted mommy or daddy to hold it she would respond, “nope! Leah hold it!”) we finally made our way back home. We had so many trick or treaters we ended up giving out all of our candy (over 160 pieces!!) PLUS all the candy of Leah’s that I didn’t want (Tootsie rolls, I have no use for you) and with that, Halloween was over. Luckily, Leah has seemed to have forgotten (or just doesn’t care) about the candy she collected and hasn’t once asked for any of it. Which leaves pregnant mommy to eat all her Twix and Milky Way bars. Win, win! Next year we will have two little girlies trick or treating and you better believe that they will be wearing coordinating costumes. 🙂 Hope everyone had a great Halloween!!

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