36 weeks

So…I haven’t been all that great with these “weekly” updates!! Life is much more busy with a toddler at home than it was the first time around! 🙂 But here is FINALLY an update for the past month (whoops)…

Total weight gain: 28 lbs
Biggest craving this week: Apple cider!! It’s so crisp and delicious and I just want to drink it all the time. 🙂 I’m also loving Trader Joes honey wheat pretzels and anything else salty. I have the opposite problem of many pregnant women, where my blood pressure plummets wayyyy too low while I’m pregnant. It has gotten to the point where at my last appointment, at 34 weeks, the nurse who took my blood pressure thought it was wrong and did it twice, only to ask in amazement, “girl, how have you not passed out by now?!” I have no idea. I have to constantly eat salt or else I get super dizzy and light headed. My doctor told me to basically dump salt on anything and everything, otherwise she will have to put me on salt tablets for the rest of my pregnancy. Brett is hilarious and will grind salt on basically everything I eat (even salting my pizza) but, lucky for me, my parents work for an all natural food company that sells salt so I am eating lots and lots of healthy sea salts!!
Baby is now the size of: A honeydew. She most likely weighs around 6 lbs and is 18 or so inches long.
How I’m Feeling: Ready to be done!! Baby has definitely dropped and I am officially full on waddle walking at work. I can feel her head basically in my birth canal (so pleasant!) so it makes walking all around the hospital extremely unpleasant by the end of my day. I’m taking a lot more naps lately and have been lying on the couch reading for most of the afternoon while I’m home, trying my best to take the pressure off of my pelvis. Luckily, although walking is getting harder spin is still going strong!! It’s getting a little more uncomfortable to sit on those skinny little bike seats, but besides that, my body still feels awesome while spinning!! Me and my friend Shannon just laugh every week as we get slower and more out of breath during the workout, but hey, at least we are there!!
Movement: The movements are officially in the “ouch!!” phase. When she gets in a good kick to the ribs or a punch to my hip bones it takes my breath away! She also makes me and Brett laugh when we notice her odd positions that make my stomach stretch in (painful) odd configurations. She seems to love to tuck her little feet in and stick her booty way up on one side, which makes my stomach rise in a high peak, just along one side. I smack her little booty until she puts it down because it does NOT feel nice!!
Random: I finally got around to going through all of Leah’s old boxed up baby clothes and I washed all the 0-3 month outfits and got them all put away in baby’s dresser. It’s funny because, with Leah, I had the whole nursery set up, diapers bought, and clothes washed and folded by 30 weeks. But with kid number 2 it was like last weekend when I suddenly thought, “Hmmm, I should probably start to get some things ready for this kid…” So funny with the difference a second baby makes! Plus, it’s been so easy for us, knowing that baby #2 is another girl, because I haven’t had to worry about getting new clothes. We still have not bought 1 single pack of diapers, but at least her clothes are washed and ready and her car seat is out! (But not yet installed…..)
Looking forward to: My ultra sound next Wednesday!! I feel like we haven’t seen her in forever!! Due to my pregnancy with Leah being high risk, I was spoiled and got an ultra sound every 2 weeks and I just LOVED getting to see her so often! With this baby, we have only had the normal 12 and 20 week scan so I am so excited to get one more sneak peek at her before she is born. Hopefully this ultra sound will also give us a good estimate on how big she will be at birth!!

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