Baby Bump

I am very lucky to be married to such a talented photographer who manages to catch some beautiful shots of our family. I love all the amazing pictures he takes of Leah, but I’ve never been all that into having pictures of myself taken, especially while pregnant. I just feel so awkward and I never know how to pose and smile and hold the belly gracefully without looking slightly deranged. But, being pregnant is a beautiful (if not awkward at times) thing, and I did want to capture some photos of my last weeks pregnant, especially with Leah. The very first pictures of me and my two girls. So, with that idea in mind, we set off to a park this past weekend to capture a few shots of this large belly. And, I have to say, I was pretty pleased with how they turned out!

And just because she is so darn adorable…..

Can’t wait for this little girl to join our family in just a few short weeks!!

One thought on “Baby Bump

  1. Mom says:

    These photos are gorgeous! Christina and you so beautiful! Your girls are so lucky to have such wonderful parents. Nice job Brett! Love that last one of Leah too!

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