Christmas 2014

We had such a fabulous Christmas this year. Christmas Eve was full of homemade pasta and cookie making, followed by a candlelit church service. Christmas Day was filled with coffee cake eating, present opening, Frozen watching, family time. Although this was Leah’s 3rd Christmas, it was really the first year that she truly GOT what Christmas was all about. Leading up to Christmas, we read her so many books about the birth of baby Jesus that, on Christmas morning, every time she opened a present and we asked her “What do you think it is!?” she would answer back with glee, “I think it’s baby Jesus!!” Unfortunately for her, none of the presents actually contained a wrapped up baby Jesus, but hey, at least she understood “the true gift of Christmas” in her own way, right?! She also understood that, thanks to VERY generous grandparents, plus gifts from Santa, 90% of the gifts under the tree were for her. Every time anyone else opened a gift she would get a very concerned look on her face and say, “Well, what about Leah?” Let’s just say that Leah received more than enough gifts this year. I would say her top presents were her beloved Elsa doll from my sister, Lego’s from Santa (aka mommy and daddy) and her new toy double stroller from my parents, which she stuffs full with at least 4 baby dolls on a daily basis. Brett and I soaked in the holidays, thankful for the new addition to our family, a sweet little chub, who I don’t think was put down for more than 10 minutes during the holidays, as she was passed from family member to family member and given tons of snuggles. Now, with the holidays over, Leah, coming out of a fun-filled month of visitors, is slightly depressed to find only mom here every single morning, instead of grandparents who spoil her rotten all day long. Sorry kid, welcome back to the real world. 😉 And now we are ready to begin 2015 as a family of 4. Excited for all the adventures this year brings!!

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