Sorry it’s been so quiet lately here on the blog. Turns out, 2 kids is a lot more work than 1. Who knew?! 😛

So, after almost an entire month of having family visiting on and off, I’m officially on my own with both kids. As intimidating as it was the first few days, we’ve seemed to have seamlessly slipped into a routine that works well. Since Leah was used to going to school every day when I worked, the girl craves structure. She likes to have planned activities and she likes to know what’s coming next. At bedtime, as I say goodnight, we talk about what we are going to do the next day. We talk about reading books, going for a walk, the playground, the store, etc and, when she wakes up the next morning, she will repeat the day’s schedule back to me. And, as a planner myself, it has made the days much more enjoyable! We have time for reading books, time for playing outside, time for snack, and time for (mommy’s new favorite!) a nap. I told Brett the other day that I have been shocked to find that the days are flying by! Running around with two kids makes my days go way faster than they used to when I was working! And, even though there have been fits here and there, it really has been a blast. Leah is such a joy to hang out with and I am LOVING watching her grow and change every single day. (As well as hearing all the new, funny expressions that come out of her mouth; my current favorites being “Okie dokie artichokie” and “Oh, sorry about that!”) Being a mom to these two sweet little girls makes me feel like the luckiest person alive. Here’s a little of what we have been up to ever day:

1. Splash park playing. I have to say, we’ve had a fabulous winter so far this year in Florida. And by “winter” I mean that it hasn’t been 90 degrees with 100% humidity every single day. We’ve had some “cold” days in the 50’s and 60’s and a lot of perfect sunny days in the mid-70’s. Leah LOVES the splash park (which is funny since, just a few months ago, the girl would barely touch the splash pad with one toe) and will happily play in there for hours. And mommy likes it because she is able to just sit and relax while Leah has a blast.

^^I call this look Leah’s “J-Lo booty” AKA a diaper full of water….

2. Ice cream eating. Because, obviously this is needed when the weather is nice.

3. Walks, walks and more walks. I haven’t been doing a ton of exercising yet, but I have been trying to do daily walks. As much as I LOVE my new double stroller, it definitely took me awhile to get used to pushing this heavy, “stretch limo” as I affectionately call it, around. I am so used to the BOB, which is super smooth and easy to push, but a double stroller is a different story. I swear my arms are getting quite the workout on our long walks. I’ve also finally mastered the double stroller PLUS puppy walk, which I’m quite impressed with. (It’s the little achievements, right!?)

4. Playground playing. Almost every night, if I ask Leah what she wants to do tomorrow, she will answer with “Go to the playground!” (That or, “Watch Frozen!” but, you know, the playground request gets approved a lot more than the Frozen watching, much to Leah’s chagrin). We have a lot of playgrounds around our neighborhood so we walk or drive to new ones daily. We are just getting to the stage where playground playing is more relaxing for me, now that Leah is more independent and I don’t feel the need to follow her up and down and all around the playground. Which comes in handy when you have an infant strapped to your chest.

5. Outside playing. Again, with the awesome weather, we are full on taking advantage of playing outside as much as possible. Leah’s current favorite outdoor activities include drawing with chalk on the driveway (in her Elsa nightgown, obviously) and pushing her baby (usually her Elsa baby) around the block in her new double stroller.

6. Reading. Leah LOVES books and she will read for hours (or, really, have me read for hours) if I let her. She gets into a rut where she wants to read the same book over and over again for weeks on end. So much fun. Brett and I will keep trying to introduce a new book, “Hey, how about this one!?” but she will inevitably shoot down our suggestion and instead go with her current fave. Luckily, she always tends to move on to a new one after a few weeks. Her most recent fave was a book “A Fly Went By” about a bunch of animals chasing each other for no apparent reason and, let me tell you, it goes on just a bit too long if you ask me. Not one of mommy’s favorites. And, sadly, once you read it correctly once you can’t change up the story or skip a little because our kid has a memory like a vault and she remembers every single word and will totally call you out if you try and skip a page or two.

7. Entertaining myself, which, inevitably, ticks Leah off. Maybe I’m a mean mom, but I get a kick out of putting Claire in Leah’s toy stroller and toy pack and play…unfortunately Leah does NOT share my sense of humor…..

8. Enjoying this new little chub of a cherub that has joined our family. Leah LOVES holding baby Claire and, coincidentally, baby Claire LOVES being held (maybe not so much by Leah…) Having 2 kids makes me even more thankful for baby wraps/carriers because I don’t know what moms do without them. Claire seems to be under the impression that being put down is a form of torture, so she tends to be in my arms 24/7. And when I actually NEED my arms, she’s strapped to my chest.

And that’s life around here these days. That, and many, many trips to Trader Joe’s because I’m just a bit obsessed with their food (okay, let’s be honest, I’m mostly obsessed with their snacks). Now excuse me while I go snack on some Cowboy Bark and take advantage of nap time to catch up on some reading. 🙂

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