And then there were three

For over 2 years now, Leah has been the only grandchild on the Becker side (and I can’t say she hasn’t loved all the special attention). But then me and my sister-in-law had baby girls 5 weeks apart, and now there are three precious little girl cousins on the Becker side. So a few weekends ago the whole family gathered up at the island so these sweet cousins could finally meet. We had a great time hanging out on the beach (and introducing Claire to the sand and sea for the first time!), eating good meals, and even getting in some good kayaking, thanks to nana and papa who watched all three girls!

^^We are a family that really likes ice cream…..

^^This picture cracks me up. We tried to get a photo of Brett’s parents with the grand kids and Leah was just not in a photo taking mood. So this is what we got! Gotta love two year olds….

I’m excited that (so far) there are three little girl cousins that will grow up so close in age. I am looking forward to many future family vacations at the island, and the fun these girls will have on the beach!

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