Leah bakes

So, for the month of December, my mother-in-law had the cutest idea of sending us an Advent calendar for Leah. Each day contained a different small gift and/or activity which was awesome, not only to get her excited for Christmas, but also to make her feel special since she was dealing with this brand new baby in the house. One of the gifts at the end of the month was a box of funfetti cake mix and frosting so she could bake a cake with mommy. But, you know, with a new baby and all, we ended up ooing and ahhing over the cake mix before promptly sticking it in the cabinet for “later.” And then a month went by. Whoops. So yesterday I decided to pull it out and let Leah go crazy with some cupcake making. Now, I tend to be somewhat of a neurotic baker. I like homemade desserts, I like cleanliness and I like when my desserts look pretty. I knew Leah’s cupcakes would be none of these things. But, I also knew that little miss independent would have a total blast if I just let her at it alone, so I tucked away my type A personality and I let her take charge. She measured, she dumped, she stirred, she even cracked the eggs (which, did end up giving the cupcakes some extra “crunch” with some fallen in eggshells. C’est la vie). She poured the cupcakes into the tray, resulting in some cupcakes being overflowing mondo cupcakes, and some being 1/3 filled mini cupcakes. Obviously the girl had a plan. Then, once they were baked and cooled, she frosted each and every one, some with just a small dollop of frosting, while others had a large mountainous clump. And of course, every last cupcake got a healthy dose of sprinkles. Half of the container of frosting ended up in her own mouth, which made my teeth hurt just watching her. But, every time she took a nice, big lick, she would give me this sweet, shy smile like she truly couldn’t believe she was getting away with this, and that alone made me keep my mouth shut. And once those cupcakes were all done, we poured a glass of milk, picked the best cupcake, set it on her table…..where she promptly gave it one lick, drank her milk, and said she was done. Alrighty then! And now for some pictures, because this little baker really is just too cute.

^^Lucy is all ready for any frosting droppings….

This sweet girl makes everything so fun and I have been so proud of her since her little sister has gotten here. She is seriously such an amazing big sister and I was happy to be able to do something (as small as this was) to make her feel special. We love you so much, our Leah Grace!

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