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Jan 2016 edits-1So, as I’m sure you may have noticed, (that is, if you are still even visiting this old blog) but it’s been quite some time since I’ve last posted. The time just slipped away and before I knew it, 5 months had gone by (!!) and I started thinking that maybe I was done using this space. For everyone who emailed me and asked where the heck I was, and if I had stopped blogging for good, THANK YOU! Your emails meant a lot to me and it was nice to hear from some readers out there who actually missed my random and ever sporadic blog posts.

It’s been a transition, going from a working mom in Florida, to a stay at home mom in North Carolina. When I started this blog, my main focus was my career as a Child Life Specialist. After writing this blog post I received SO many emails (and I still do!) from women trying to get into the field; asking questions, seeking advice, and I loved it! Child Life is still considered a small (although quickly growing!) field and I was happy to be able to help out in whatever small way I could, when it came to new potential child lifers trying to get into the field. But then I had my second baby…left the work force…and moved to a different state and it’s taken me awhile to adjust to my new life. As much as I still LOVE getting emails about child life, part of me can’t help but feel like a fraud emailing back advice since it’s now been a year (!!) since I left the field. I am always quick to respond that, I do not work as a child life specialist anymore, although I am still always willing to answer any questions I’m able to. And because of this big change, there was a part of me that wondered if anyone out there cared to read a blog about random doings of my days at home with 2 kids.

But then I realized that I just missed writing!! And, in the end, it’s not about who (if anyone!) is reading these posts, but rather about the therapeutic (and memory saving!) process of blogging for myself. So..I may not be a child life specialist anymore, I may spend my days begging my three and a half year old to PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS after she uses the potty and telling my 14 month old to STOP CHEWING ON THAT DIRTY SHOE 10x a day, but I’ll be here…blogging (let’s be honest, probably sporadically) about my life as a stay at home mom in my mountain town in North Carolina. Feel free to follow along. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Hello Blog

  1. Terri Lea Ikeda says:

    I loved reading your blog and keeping up with the adventures of one of our favorite families..So glad you are back! You and Brett are amazing parents and your little girls are adorable (and hilarious). Look forward to following a “stay at home mom in a mountain town in North Carolina”. Fabulous credentials!

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