Claire at 15 months

indexThere’s so much I want to remember about Claire at this age. Being the second child, it’s hard not to make comparisons to Leah, even though I KNOW they are two distinctly different kids. The other day, while looking back at old posts, I came across a post I wrote when Leah was 18 months. From day one, Leah was extremely  verbal, but it still made me laugh when I realized that by 18 months Leah could count to three and, at her 15 month appointment, I was told by her pediatrician that she was speaking at a 2 year old level.

And then there’s sweet Claire, who didn’t say “mama” until after her first birthday and who just started consistently walking a few weeks ago. And that’s okay. These girls are so different, each with their own gifts and quirks that make them who they are. So, without further ado, here are some of my current favorite Claire-isms:

~The way she says “what’s that?” while pointing at everything. Claire is unique in the way that “what’s that?” was her first word. Not mama, not dada….but “what’s that?” Inquisitive from day one!

~The way that she still falls asleep in my arms every single night while nursing.

~How affectionate she is. Claire is definitely our cuddly child and she is always quick with a snuggle or a big kiss on the lips.

~The way she waves “bye bye” and always follows it with a big blow kiss while walking away.

~The way she admires and adores her sister. Yes, Leah can get a bit bossy with her at times, but Claire is so fascinated with everything she does and says that she never seems to mind! It’s been so much fun seeing them really start to interact and play with each other in the last month or so.

~The way she is starting to try to say Leah’s name; “Ya Ya!”

~The way she holds hands with Leah in the car, stretching her little arm across the middle seat to reach her.

~The way she thinks every animal says “woof woof!” even when Leah corrects her every time; “Claire, kitty’s do NOT say woof woof!”

~Her special bond with our dog Lucy and her love for feeding her every single thing she is eating (which, let’s be honest, is the sole reason Lucy loves her the most).

~The fact that she’s already a little comedian. The girl just knows she is funny! She will do something cute or silly and then turn to us to see our reaction, while loudly laughing at herself.

~The way she loves music and can’t help but dance when she hears a good beat, especially at church.

This little one has stolen our hearts from day one with her sweet and gentle spirit and her calm demeanor. She has such a fun personality already and I can’t wait to see what the next months bring!


4 thoughts on “Claire at 15 months

  1. Mom says:

    I love that little girl so much, and I thank God everyday that I have been able to see every milestone in her life so far. God Bless you sweet Claire Diana, I see such great things ahead for you!

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