Let’s do a big recap

So remember about 9 months ago when I said I was going to start blogging again?? I think I blogged twice and then…..silence. I know I sound like a broken record, but I promise I’m starting up again! Life has been crazy in the past (almost) year (!!) so I will do my best to catch you all up. (Those of you who are still out there. Anyone??)

The last time I left off, we were living here:
oldhouseOur beautiful rental house here in Asheville that we loved, and had no plans on leaving anytime soon.

Well, that all changed last spring when we got a call from our property manager. He told us that the owner of the house was planning on selling and he wanted to give us a chance to make an offer before it officially went on the market. We were so incredibly nervous, not to mention a bit devastated, because we had NO idea what the owner wanted for the house (the property manager was NO help in giving us an idea with the price the owner had in mind…) and we started to realize that there was a good chance that we may have to leave our wonderful, well loved home.
For the next week we researched and went back and forth on what type of official offer to make. Finally, we settled on a number, presented it to the property manager…and waited. A day or so later, the manager got back to us with a price….a HUGE price that was well out of our range (and well above what we truly believed the house was worth). We brought up our asking price and tried our best to meet in the middle, but to no avail. The owner was holding firm on his price and there was no negotiating.

It was a HUGE blow and I cried for DAYS thinking about having to leave our amazing neighborhood. Over the year that we had lived there we had fallen in love with the house, yes, but mostly we had fallen in love with our neighborhood and neighbors. I had imagined walking my kids to the elementary school less than a mile away, teaching the girls how to ride their bike down the street, years of walking to the local playground and our favorite ice cream shop, and it was devastating to realize that it would no longer be a reality.

We met with a realtor and started researching houses in Asheville (at this point we knew we might as well buy and not rent again) but there was NOTHING that we found that I came even close to liking. And then, in a stroke of genius, (and last ditch effort) Brett emailed the neighborhood association and asked if anyone was planning on selling their house, and low and behold, one of our across the street neighbors emailed us back right away saying that he wanted to sell!!!

newhouseThis is a view from the front yard of our old rental house, where you can kind of see the house that wanted to sell to the right, looking like it is lost behind a bunch of trees.

We went over and met with the owner of the beautiful (but in great disrepair) Victorian house (a super sweet, older gentleman who had lived there for over 30 years!!) and within a week we were under contract for our new home!!


newhome2newhouse5We were beside ourselves with disbelief. Here were were, devastated at the very real possibility that we were going to have to leave our beloved neighborhood, and yet a week later we were under contract on a house across the street!! And it truly showed us that God had a plan because, although we LOVED our rental house, we also knew that it was maxed out on space and that one day we would outgrow it (not to mention the teeny tiny backyard). So in taking that possibility away, he opened up the door to a MUCH better option!! Our new home, which I’ll just say we bought for well over $100,000 less than what the owner of our rental house wanted….has the possibility of being double the square footage (it has a walk up third floor/attic space and a walk out basement) and a huge backyard. The house also has so much more character and is definitely more our style!!
Now, all that wonderful house comes at a price and in this case the price is hard work. πŸ™‚ The house hasn’t been remodeled since the 1980’s and there is a lot lot lot that needs to be done (and a lot that we have done since we moved in back in July!) However, we truly are so excited about the work ahead because ever so slowly we are making the house our own and I LOVE it!!

Also, as a P.S., I would like to add that over 6 months later, our old rental house is STILL on the market, which goes to show that we are not the only ones who thought they were seriously off on their asking price. πŸ˜‰

Our first major project is converting the third floor into a playroom, 4th bedroom and bathroom because….
20161212-img_0810We are expecting baby #3 in June!! We are so so so excited that our family is growing yet again. I am 17.5 weeks along now and am due June 16th. When we first moved in we wanted our first major project to be the kitchen remodel but then, when we found out we were expecting in September, we came to the realization that the third floor needs to be finished first so we can have space for all these kids! πŸ™‚

So there you have it! The two most major pieces of news for our family over the last 9 months or so. I know the pictures of the house in this post are just low quality Iphone pics, but I promise to do a post dedicated to what the inside of our house looks like now so we can start doing some before and after posts! We are just about ready to start our third floor project (we have been interviewing contractors and I think we’ve made our decision!) so I am sure I will have a lot of progress pics coming soon.

Besides that, I hope to blog a bit about this pregnancy and all things motherhood!

Thanks to anyone who may still be here reading this little blog (and let me know if you are I would love to hear from you!) and I promise many more posts coming soon!

8 thoughts on “Let’s do a big recap

  1. Lauren says:

    I was so happy to randomly click on your blog in my bookmarks and see not one, but three new posts! Our lives have always kind of paralleled each others (totally not trying to be creepy!!). Moving, renting, buying, renovating, kids! My boys are the same age as your girls and I was excited for you when I saw you were pregnant on instagram. Your house looks like an awesome project for you guys! We just bought back in June and have been renovating room by room. I will say, I never want to paint another room in my life haha
    Congrats on the house and the baby!

    • Christina Lynne says:

      Hi Lauren, thanks for the comment!! It doesn’t sound creepy at all-I love following blogs whose lives seem to somewhat parallel with my own. haha. Congrats on the new house! Renovating is sooo exhausting, but it sure is rewarding, huh!?

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