Our Love Story

How We Met

Our first picture as a couple

Brett and Christina met while they were both students at Gordon College. She was a sophomore transfer, he was a lowly freshman. As fate would have it, they were both put in the same Discovery class. Both Brett and Christina attempted to get out of the class, but failed. Obviously God had greater plans. However, this did not keep both Brett and Christina from coming to the class with a terrible attitude.

Our first pic ever-taken in Discovery class. Check out husband's long fluffy hair.

The next year Brett was a Resident Advisor in the dorm Christina lived in. Christina’s roommate was in the same Discovery class the previous year and from time to time Brett would stop by their apartment when they bribed him over with cookies. Christina quickly learned what would later become an important fact; Brett likes to be fed, especially with cookies.

Fast forward another year or so. Brett decided he needed a break from Gordon, said goodbye to New England’s winters and high tailed it to California for a semester. Before he left Christina stopped by his apartment with her same roommate for a quick “see ya!” It must be said that Christina did not think twice about Brett leaving. And Brett was already dreaming about California weather.

Then came the fateful email…

About a month or so into Brett’s new life in California he sent a mass email to his friends back at Gordon to update them on his new and improved life. And to rub in the fact that he was enjoying the sun and 75 degree weather while they were still digging their cars out of Woodland parking lot. Christina, for whatever reason, decided to shoot Brett back an email and tell him about her recent grad school search. And low and behold, Brett replied.

Thus started the email chain that would be the start of much ridicule from friends and family members. As Brett and Christina started emailing each other they found out they actually had a lot in common. Christina decided that Brett was funny, smart, and it was worth staying up until 3 am to write him a 20 page email.

As the months went by Christina and Brett’s emails became longer and longer. Eventually Christina found herself in NYC for graduate school and Brett (regrettably) found himself back on the east coast to finish his senior year at Gordon College.

As the weekly emails became as long as most term papers (Christina holds the record for longest email sent at 26 pages), plans began to formulate about visits to NYC. Brett, trying to cover up the fact that he actually wanted to see Christina, told her that he would love to plan a visit to NYC to “take photos.” Christina agreed it would be a good idea. By that time both had stalked each other’s Facebook profiles and had decided that the other was cute enough to take this email relationship to the next level.

Finally, in the beginning of October 2008, one fateful late night Gmail chat conversation set the course of their relationship as Christina convinced Brett (he really didn’t need that much convincing) to take an impromptu visit the following day to NYC. He agreed.

Moments before Brett arrived Christina began to worry that maybe he would be a total bore in person and they should have kept this alive only in emails forever. However, as soon as she answered her door and saw Brett’s dimples she knew she was a goner.

That fateful visit consisted of walking, exploring Central Park, discussing castle architect, sitting, talking, discovering secret magic gardens, play ground playing, picture taking, pizza eating, Harry Potter watching, and much laughing. Brett left and Christina decided she was going to keep him.

Emails turned into phone calls which turned into more visits which turned into Brett FINALLY asking Christina to be his girlfriend in November of 2008.

The Proposal

Showing off the ring!

So in love

In May 2010 Brett started talking to Christina about taking her on a trip to California after she graduated from grad school. He had kept in touch with many friends he made from when he lived out there and he told Christina he wanted to introduce her to everyone. Christina, obviously not one to turn down a vacation, said it sounded like a wonderful idea. Little did she know that during her graduation weekend Brett had bought an engagement ring in the city and was starting to formulate a plan to propose during their California vacation.

Friday afternoon, after a visit to Monterey Bay Aquarium, Brett told Christina that they should drive back along the coast on highway 1. Christina thought it was a bad idea because it was so foggy and she was afraid they wouldn’t be able to see much. Brett kept insisting, she said no, and eventually Christina won. Little did she know that Brett would have proposed that night.

Saturday morning Brett was insistent upon the fact that they were going to drive 2 hours up the coast on highway 1 for a “special hike” at Big Sur. Christina wondered why they had to drive SO far just to go on a hike. Weren’t there pretty hikes closer? Brett insisted no, they had to go on THIS hike. It would be worth it. Christina questioned whether or not there would be a bathroom along the way. For anyone who knows Christina you will know that this is a big concern. The thought of going on a long car trip and a hike without a known bathroom did not make Christina feel happy. And when Brett said he was not sure there would be a bathroom along the way, Christina’s anxiety increased. She left for the hike in less than an excited mood.

Although the drive WAS as beautiful as Brett said it would be, Christina’s highlight of the trip up was the fact that there was a beautiful, clean, wonderful bathroom along the way.

When they got to the “special hike” Brett made Christina promise not to look off to the side until they reached the end. The whole hike was about 1/4 of a mile. Not much cardio. Once they reached the end Brett let Christina look and she was amazed at the gorgeous site of a beach, bright blue ocean, and the most perfect waterfall. Although this was Brett’s intentional proposal spot, he soon realized it would not work since, being a Saturday, there were people galore at the lookout spot and they didn’t seem to be leaving. He also knew that Christina would NOT be happy if he proposed to her in front of multiple people since Christina and attention do not mix. So, after about 3 minutes of looking at the waterfall and having a random lady take their picture in front of it Brett turned to Christina and said, “Alright! Let’s go!” Christina, it must be said, was a little annoyed that he made her drive 2 hours to go on a 1/4 of a mile hike to see a waterfall for a total of 3 minutes. However, the waterfall WAS pretty, and there WAS a bathroom on the way, so as they walked back she said, and this is a direct quote: “A beautiful waterfall AND a bathroom! This day couldn’t get any better!”

As Brett and Christina hiked back, Brett decided to search for a new proposal spot. A little way off a different path there was a beautiful tree canopy with some rocks that were perfect for sitting on and viewing the gorgeous costal sights. So they sat. For a very long 25 minutes. Although it WAS pretty, Christina did begin to wonder why they were sitting there for so long after only staying at the waterfall spot for 3 minutes.

Finally,after Brett dug around in his camera case to get the ring (and then pretending to change his lens and take some pictures as an excuse) he turned to Christina and put his arm around her. He started a conversation about their future…marriage…kids…the works. Satisfied with the answers she was giving he decided he was ready to propose. As he smiled at her with a goofy grin, Brett opened his hand, showed her the ring and asked the fateful question; “Christina, will you marry me?”

Now there is some discrepancy as to Christina’s reply. Brett swears Christina asked: “Are you serious?” Christina remembers none of this. She just remembers crying, saying yes, and getting that ring on her finger!!

One thought on “Our Love Story

  1. Lauren says:

    I like your new page! Now you need to create one for just the wedding…because I need the photos/posts about it all in one place!! You can just add in the links to all your posts with wedding/honeymoon photos. Please and thank you 🙂 Love, your favorite (older) sister.

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