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Jan 2016 edits-1So, as I’m sure you may have noticed, (that is, if you are still even visiting this old blog) but it’s been quite some time since I’ve last posted. The time just slipped away and before I knew it, 5 months had gone by (!!) and I started thinking that maybe I was done using this space. For everyone who emailed me and asked where the heck I was, and if I had stopped blogging for good, THANK YOU! Your emails meant a lot to me and it was nice to hear from some readers out there who actually missed my random and ever sporadic blog posts.

It’s been a transition, going from a working mom in Florida, to a stay at home mom in North Carolina. When I started this blog, my main focus was my career as a Child Life Specialist. After writing this blog post I received SO many emails (and I still do!) from women trying to get into the field; asking questions, seeking advice, and I loved it! Child Life is still considered a small (although quickly growing!) field and I was happy to be able to help out in whatever small way I could, when it came to new potential child lifers trying to get into the field. But then I had my second baby…left the work force…and moved to a different state and it’s taken me awhile to adjust to my new life. As much as I still LOVE getting emails about child life, part of me can’t help but feel like a fraud emailing back advice since it’s now been a year (!!) since I left the field. I am always quick to respond that, I do not work as a child life specialist anymore, although I am still always willing to answer any questions I’m able to. And because of this big change, there was a part of me that wondered if anyone out there cared to read a blog about random doings of my days at home with 2 kids.

But then I realized that I just missed writing!! And, in the end, it’s not about who (if anyone!) is reading these posts, but rather about the therapeutic (and memory saving!) process of blogging for myself. So..I may not be a child life specialist anymore, I may spend my days begging my three and a half year old to PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS after she uses the potty and telling my 14 month old to STOP CHEWING ON THAT DIRTY SHOE 10x a day, but I’ll be here…blogging (let’s be honest, probably sporadically) about my life as a stay at home mom in my mountain town in North Carolina. Feel free to follow along. πŸ™‚

9 months


When I think about the fact that you are now 9 months-my breath catches a little. I feel like we were JUST there with your sister; and yet now Leah is somehow 3 and you, my sweet little baby, are 9 months already. 9 months in, 9 months out! Yet, somehow, the 9 months in went by at a snails pace, while the 9 months out have sped by in a blink of an eye.

You have the sweetest little soul. Everyone who meets you comments on your shy smile and gentle disposition. You are just the happiest little girl. However! You have had a bit of a personality shift this month and it’s one that makes me and your dad laugh. You used to let your big sister do just about anything to you and daddy and I would joke that you were going to do whatever Leah told you to do when you got older. Well, that may have changed a bit. Although you still idolize your big sis, you seemed to have developed a bit of a spit fire personality this month and I love seeing you hold your own. You now have no problem swatting Leah’s hand away when she annoys you and you will let out a loud shout when you want her to STOP whatever she is doing. You are going to need a solid backbone when it comes to your bossy (however well intentioned) sister, so I like seeing this bit of fire in you. You also may have inherited a BIT of a temper (now who did that come from…? πŸ˜‰ ) Daddy and I always joke that “Claire is just so happy…until she’s not.” You can go from content to screaming in 1.5 seconds and you never know just what will put you over the edge. Usually it’s when someone tries to touch or take your food….

Speaking of food….you are a tank. Your biggest love right now is definitely eating. You are amazingly good at hand to mouth feeding and we have all but given up trying to spoon feed you because little miss independent would rather do it yourself, thank you very much. It’s very hard to find a food that you do not like, but I would say your absolute favorites include: watermelon, bananas, cooked peppers, cheese, yogurt (the only food you will let us spoon feed you), strawberries and hummus on pieces of tortilla. You can put away a whole (cut up) piece of pizza or a full helping of mac and cheese larger than what Leah is eating. If anyone is eating anything and they have the audacity not to share with you, you will frantically wave your arms and YELL until they give you a bite. You happily open your mouth wide and will accept whatever food we put in your mouth. You are as different as could be from your sister, who has always (and still does) eat like a very picky little bird. Along with your eating you are still happily nursing 4 times a day and you know what it means when I ask you if you “want some milk.”

You are a great sleeper…finally! You seemed to turn the corner once you turned 8 months and you now regularly sleep 12 hours a night without a peep-from 7-7:30 pm to 7-7:30 am. You also take 2 naps a day for about 2 hours each. You don’t (and never have) take a pacifier but you have a favorite knit blanket that has been in your crib since you were tiny and you are very attached. You suck on the corners while you fall asleep and if, heaven forbid, the blanket is in the wash during nap time you are NOT tricked by a different blanket that I try and put in your crib!

This month you are starting to scoot on your belly around the room. You will get up onto your knees into the crawl position and rock for a second, but your little jello arms aren’t strong enough yet to hold your chubby little body so down you fall to scootch along on your belly. You have also started noticing yourself in the mirror and you love to wave “hi” to the baby in the mirror. Lots of babbling, and definitely some “dada” here and there, but no “real” talking yet.

I can’t express how much happiness and joy you bring into our lives, our little Claire Bear. We love you and your sweet, happy spirit and I can’t wait to see what the next month brings.

Mommy and Daddy

Potty Training 101

I’ve had a few people ask me about how we went about potty training Leah, so I figured I would write a post about it! Now, I am fully aware that every child is different so what worked for us may not work for someone else, but I love reading all kinds of tips and tricks when it comes to raising kids, and then taking whatever I choose from what I read, so I figured I would share our (very successful I must add) potty training experience!

  1. Wait, wait and wait some more until the child is READY! We did not start the potty training process until Leah was 2 years and 9 months. Before that point, we had bought a training potty at IKEA and Leah had sat on it (and used it!) a few times, but it was more for play and practice. We had a turbulent few months with a new baby and then a big move, so I did not want to throw even MORE change at Leah until things settled down a bit. So, once we moved we started talking about using the potty. We watched the Daniel Tiger episode where he uses the potty (which, side note, to this day Leah still asks me “What does Daniel Tiger say about using the potty?” on a daily basis just so I will sing the “potty song.” Thanks, Daniel Tiger….) and read books about going potty. During this time there was no pressure, just general potty conversation.
  2. Have a count down to D-Day. Once we decided to go ahead with potty training we created a count down to the big day. We decided that we were going to start using the potty on Saturday, so starting on Monday I began talking up using the potty with Leah. We still read our potty books and watched our potty shows, but now it was paired with a more pointed conversation. “This weekend we are going to use the potty like Daniel!” “Just a few more days of using diapers until you start going on the potty like a big girl!” Some days (or who am I kidding, some hours) These comments were met with excitement, and some times it was met with whining or stubborn “I will NOT use the potty!” If she responded negatively, I never gave in or really gave any acknowledgment to what she said. Just make the comment, smile, and move on. During this time we also went to Target and picked out 3 packs of “special big girl underwear.” I had received advice that you should buy boy underwear because it is thicker so it holds up better when they inevitably have an accident, but hello, there’s no way boy underwear patterns can compete with the girl underwear princess amazingness when you are 2 years old. So, even though I tried making my own subtle suggestions, we walked out of the store with 2 packs of (different) Frozen underwear and one pack of Minnie Mouse. The night before the big D-Day (or really P-Day!) we REALLY amped up the excitement. “Wow! Tomorrow is the big day!! Tomorrow we are using the potty!! Tomorrow you will be a BIG GIRL!” We put away the diapers “Bye-Bye diapers, we don’t need you anymore!!” And we lied out the first pair of underwear that she was going to put on in the morning.
  3. Make a potty chart. The morning of the big day Leah got up and we put on her first pair of underpants! We kept the energy way up “Wow Leah!! Look at you! Check out those underpants!!! We are so proud of you!” and it worked, since she came down the stairs excited and ready to use the potty. I sat down with her and she watched while I made a potty chart, while at the same time talking to her about what the chart meant. Yes, I know you could make (or find on Pinterest!) charts that are 10x better looking than this one, but for me it was more about Leah watching me make it (and letting her decorate it!) so she fully understood what it meant. We decided that, every time she successfully used the potty, she would put a sticker on a box. Once she received 5 stickers (or 5 successful potty trips) she would get a surprise! I know some people use candy or snacks, and really, to each their own, but I wanted to steer away from sugary rewards plus, with Leah, nothing outweighs the power of Frozen, so it was decided that once she reached her goal of 5 stickers, we would have a Frozen watching party!
  4. Make a HUGE deal out of the first “go.” We did not stick Leah on the potty first thing in the morning because A. She woke up with a wet diaper and B. I did not want to interrupt her normal morning routine (which I knew would just cause drama first thing). So she ate breakfast like normal and drank her “green juice.” (Trader Joe’s Green Plant juice blend-Leah’s favorite). Obviously, I was trying to push fluids like crazy so she could start to learn and recognize that “I have to go feeling.” After breakfast and after we made and hung up the potty chart, we went for our first try. Leah sat on the potty with her cup of juice and we talked about “letting your pee pee out” and how we can push with our belly muscles to get it out! Now, be prepared to sit…sit…and sit that first time. Leah was probably on the potty for a good 30 minutes doing nothing. I did not EVER want sitting on the potty to feel like a punishment so during this time I kept telling her that she could get up and take a break if she wanted to, but our determined and focused child decided to keep on trying so sat she did. Finally, 30 minutes later, we had success!! Leah was thrilled to see that she had gone and was excited to put her first sticker on the chart! And we whooped and cheered and basically made her feel like she had won the Nobel Prize. πŸ˜‰
  5. Expect accidents and know that they are actually a GOOD thing! I knew that Leah was going to have at LEAST one accident and I was actually looking forward to it, because I knew it would quickly teach her what would happen when she peed without a diaper on. And, just like I expected, not even 45 minutes later, she peed in her underwear. She looked shocked at what happened and I calmly explained that, this is what happens when we are wearing big girl undies instead of diapers! Undies cannot catch the pee pee like diapers do! I think this is another prime example as to why it’s good to wait until a child is older because Leah got this. She completely understood the difference between underwear and diapers and now knew that, if she peed, it would make a mess. Now, this is where every child is different. Some kids may understand this but just not care, where my child is a bit type A so this realization made her a bit anxious about having another accident. I did my best to make sure she knew that accidents are no big deal! as we cleaned up and changed into a fresh pair of underwear. However, for the rest of the day, Leah was running to the potty every 20 minutes (by herself!) because she was afraid she “had to go” and she didn’t want to have another accident. I knew it was all about the process and I encouraged her in her multiple potty visits. Again, I knew she was quickly learning the “I have to go!” urge and she needed to figure out herself when that meant she had to make a trip to the potty. All day she would sit on the potty on and off, sometimes going and sometimes not, and it wasn’t long before she had earned her Frozen viewing party reward! We ended day one with a total of ONE accident.
  6. Probiotics, baby!!! If someone asked me, “What is your biggest piece of potty training advice?” This would be my answer. Probitics, probiotics, probiotics.

    Although Leah conquered peeing in the potty within 2 days (seriously, by day 4 we had only had 2 accidents) I knew that going “number two” in the potty would be a whole different challenge because Leah has never, ever been very good at pooping. The first few days of potty training we didn’t worry about it at ALL. Although we were using underwear 100% during the day, we were still using pull-ups at nap and night time, and most days she would wake up either in the morning or from a nap with a poo. At the time, I encouraged her just to make sure she kept pooping. We told her that it was totally okay to poo in her pull-up, but poops don’t belong in underpants! And this worked for awhile. Until we decided that we needed to start going poops in the potty as well….and that’s when she stopped going altogether. I’m talking like 5 days with no movement. I was ready to drag her to the ER for an enema. And that’s when my brilliant mom introduced me to my smartest parenting trick yet-daily probiotics for kids! The two pictured above are the ones we use. The FloraBaby is a flavorless powder and can be used on anything (I sprinkle it on Leah’s yogurt) and can be found on Amazon and the Buddy Bear vitamins I bought at Whole Foods. And the awesome thing is that both products are made for kids so you know it’s safe for their little systems. As soon as I started doing daily probiotics with Leah our poop problem was solved because it made her so regular, she couldn’t hold it any longer for days on end. Not only that, but it makes her bowel movements soft enough that going never hurts so she isn’t freaked out about having to do her business. Okay, have you had enough poop talk?

  7. Routines are your friend. The first few days of potty training we totally hung around the house and went NO WHERE while Leah played in only her underwear and went potty every 20-45 minutes. But then, once we started venturing out more and more, we developed a potty routine to help keep accidents to a minimum and to make sure she kept up her daily (or at least every other day) “number twos.” (okay, so we might not be done with our poop talk after all). Wake up, go potty. Have breakfast, then work on poops…Not only are our potty times (somewhat) schedule, but she has also developed a sort of “poo routine” that works for her. And, since doing her business on the potty was such an ordeal to begin with, I highly encouraged her little comfort routine to make going easier. Every morning, after breakfast, she chooses a book or two, we turn on the Disney Princess Pandora station, and she gets busy on the potty. It’s now so familiar to her that me saying “Okay, time to work on your poops!” no longer leads to a temper tantrum and instead leads to her running over, picking her books and reminding me (daily!) to turn on her music. And this little routine works because we have gone from screaming fits and 45 minute “poop sessions” to her sitting and going in 10 minutes or less.
  8. Make potty time business time, not play time. Now, this is where I think a lot of people have different opinions, but from the beginning I did not want to encourage a play time feel to going potty. The mantra in our house has been “you just do your business and then go on with your day!” This meant no toys, no Ipad games, no snacks…nothing while we were potty training. Yes, in the beginning we chatted and sang songs to keep her occupied while she tried to go, and yes, our only exception now is her book during her poops, but besides that, I did not want to encourage any play behavior. I know a lot of friends who have let their toddlers play “special games” or watch shows on an Ipad while they were sitting on the potty but the way I saw it was A. My child literally never plays games on a tablet and getting to play and/or watch a show would be such a special treat that she would happily sit on the toilet all day (while holding her pee) just so she could continue to enjoy this special activity and B. When and how do you break this habit? Okay, so maybe you only let them watch/play during the initial training but then when do you say “okay enough of that!” and how would that ever happen without a fit to follow? No thank you. It’s like the popular motherhood advice “never introduce another bad habit.” So right from the start we were all about the potty being for business, not play. Want to get back to playing with your dolls? Better hurry up and pee so you can get off!

So, there you have it. My top 8 pieces of potty training advice. I apologize for the length…I feel like I should have broken it down into chapters! πŸ˜›

As for how she is doing now, almost 3 months later? AWESOME. I could count on one hand how many accidents she has had since we started potty training. And most of the ones she HAS had have been my fault (letting her go too long while being out and about) but even those have usually been “starts” of accidents, where she cannot hold it any longer and starts having an accident, but then holds off on the rest until she gets onto the potty. We have also transitioned from using the training potty every time…to just using it for poops…to not using it at all. Leah now does all her business on the “big girl” potty, although we do use a step stool under her feet for when she poops. Even though she goes pretty quickly now, I sill think it’s more comfortable for her and relieves some of the pressure on her little legs and knees!! When we traveled to New York last month we brought her training potty in the car so she could use that at every rest stop, instead of public restrooms, which was a life saver. We also had her wear a pull up both there and back (it was a 13 hour drive) but each time she kept her pull up completely dry!!

We are still working on her telling us when she has to go (most of the time it’s just me saying “okay! time to go potty!”) although there are times when she will say “We should probably go potty, huh mom?” or will ask me “Do you have to go potty, mom?” which means that she does, but overall I am amazed at her progress. I was so worried about potty training and it turned out to be a breeze (well….minus the brief period of time when I was convinced we would have to pay to have a doctor suck her poop out….) but besides that it’s been great! Again, I know every child is different and I’m not saying “Just do what I did and it’ll be a total breeze!” but I DO think that what we did worked really well, and I really would shout the wonders of daily probiotics from the roof tops so, you know, take or leave what you will!


It’s been 2 months since we moved into our new house. Two months of unpacking and slowly settling in; learning all the creaks and noises that come with living in an old house. When we moved to Asheville 4 months ago, I never imagined how stressful it would be to find a home for our family. Before we moved from Florida I would lie in bed at night and imagine what our house in North Carolina would look like. I imagined beautiful old, creaky hardwood floors and charming character throughout the house. After living in an eternal summer for the past 4 years, I imagined a roaring fire in a wood burning fire place and pumpkins sitting on our front porch. Basically, I imagined a house that was filled with the warmth and love of a home. And then, when we moved here and experienced first hand how tight the housing market was, my “dream house” slowly slipped away and I realized that I would happily settle for A house! Just any house that I could make a home for my family. But then, just when I had given up hope and had whined to Brett that “it looks like we will be living with my parents forever!” we found a house. And not just any house, but rather my dream house! A house with beautiful, sloping hardwood floors and glass doorhandles. A house with a large front porch; perfect for fall pumpkins, and a master bath with a big, claw foot tub. When we walked into the house for the first time I knew that we had found our home. The home where we will witness Claire walking for the first time, the front porch where I will take Leah’s first day of school pictures, the home where our family belongs.

When we were up visiting Brett’s family in New York a few weeks ago we had a lot of relatives ask to see pictures of the house, so here are a few!

^^Side note, this is the very first house that we moved into that Leah’s room was NOT set up as a nursery, rather it went right into being a big girl’s room. Even though we were slowly in the process of transitioning her nursery in Florida into a big girl room, most of the decor was from when she was born. When we moved in, Brett and I went out and bought her new dresser and bed frame and I am slowly trying to find some big girl wall hangings and decor for her room!

I’ll tell you what…God is good. Right after we fond our house Brett and I were browsing at an antique shop and I found a wall hanging that said “Thank you God for blessing me far more than I deserve.” Without a second thought, I picked it up and told Brett “We’re buying this” and it now hangs right by our front door as a daily reminder. We both feel so blessed to be living in a beautiful home, in a beautiful neighborhood, and in a beautiful city. We both felt, from the beginning, that God led us to Asheville and I continue to see evidence of that on a daily basis! Yes, moving has had it’s ups and downs and daily struggles, but overall we are LOVING Asheville and I am so incredibly thankful that we took this leap of faith and made the move!

7 months

Please excuse the million pictures, but as I haven’t documented her monthly letters since 3 months (whoops) I figured she deserved a full photo shoot…..

My dearest Claire,

It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that you have been in our lives for 7 months. It’s so crazy how it can seem like it’s been a blink of an eye, and yet, like you’ve been in our lives forever, at the same time. What can I even say about you? You are, without a doubt, the world’s sweetest baby. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed with my love for you that I want to hug you tight and physically absorb you back into my body. Does that sound crazy?? Most likely, but it’s the truth. You just have this aura surrounding you of peace and calmness. Sometimes, when your sister is driving me crazy like only (almost) 3 year olds can, I hug you and immediately breathe a sigh of relief. You are my little stress ball-all I need to do is hug you and my stress melts away.

Everyone says you are my little clone, and, although I mostly agree, I see a lot of your daddy in your full lips and wide smile. You love everyone and haven’t seemed to develop any stranger anxiety as of yet. You LOVE your sister and you find her completely hilarious. Leah can be doing the smallest thing, like jumping down the sidewalk, and you will break into the biggest laughing fit, laughing so hard you can barely catch your breath. Of course, your spotlight loving sister enjoys her captivated audience and she highly enjoys making you smile and laugh anyway she can.

Your sleeping habits seem to be (slowly) turning the corner for the better. Although you usually still try to call out for your 3 am nursing snack, if I ignore you (sorry) you usually fall back to sleep until 6-7 am. Your tired mommy thanks you and has been enjoying sleeping through the night for the first time in over 7 months. You started eating solids this month! “Milky milks” as Leah calls it, is still your top favorite food, but you are starting to enjoy rice cereal and purees a little more each day. You seem to love pears and sweet potatoes and you tolerate green beans and squash. You absolutely hate avocado and apple sauce.

You babble nonstop (bababa, mamama and dadada) and you love to let out a happy scream whenever you feel like the room has gotten a bit too quiet (like in the middle of church). You have this hilarious new fake smile you like to pull out now and again (best demonstrated in the second to last photo) and it cracks me and your daddy up. You like to do your little awkward smile when everyone around you is talking and laughing. Like you are thinking “I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m going to pretend I’m a part of it…” You sit up like a champ, put everything into your mouth, and roll around to get where you want to go. You love being outside and being worn in any wrap or carrier. Cuddling mommy is still one of your favorite things in the world and you will instantly fall asleep as soon as you are bundled up to my chest.

You make us so happy, our happy little Claire Diana and the world is definitely a better place, now that you are in it.

Mommy and Daddy

The fabulous wedding week

A little over a week ago, my family descended upon Asheville for a week long reunion slash wedding celebration for my sister Caitlin. Having my entire family in one place is a pretty exciting feat, considering the fact that my sister Sarah, who is in the Air Force and stationed in Alaska, doesn’t get the opportunity to come home very often (as a matter of fact, I had not seen her in almost 2 years and had yet to meet her adorable 11 month old girl!!) So you could say that everybody was just a BIT excited to have a whole week together! It’s my (not well kept) secret plan to make all my siblings move to Asheville so we can all be next door neighbors and our girls (and maybe some future boys??) can grow up being the best of friends. So…the plan is in effect and I expect my sisters to all start moving here any day now. πŸ˜‰

We managed to fit a LOT into our week long reunion (and, as many pictures as I am about to post, this is really only captures like 1/3 of what we managed to do together) on top of all the wedding craziness leading up to Caitlin and Ian’s Sunday wedding. So, with that warning, prepare for photo overload….

We started the week hosting an (overdue) wedding luncheon for my sister Sarah and her new husband Gary. As they got married in Alaska, our family was sadly unable to attend, so we hosted them a little shower/celebration at our new house.

^^With all the little cousins running around, this is pretty much how our playroom looked all week…

^^Sarah asked to celebrate with her favorite dessert; ice cream cake.

Leah also got to spend a lot of time just hanging out with her favorite best friend, cousin Millie! It was so cute because this was our first visit where Leah and Millie actually played together instead of parallel playing alongside each other. It was so fun watching them play “princess” where Millie would watch Leah dance around with her magic wand, and then copying her song and movements. Leah, obviously, will be oh so thrilled when Millie convinces her mom and dad to move next door to us. πŸ˜‰

^^Having breakfast at our all time favorite breakfast place here in Asheville, Sunnypoint

Sunday morning (wedding day!!) started with a trip to the hair salon to get our up dos!! I was seriously impressed with our 2 hair stylists and everyone’s hair turned out amazing. Caitlin was the calmest bride and was as cool as a cucumber the whole day!! I had a great opportunity to drive her to the wedding venue, just the two of us, so we got to have one last sister chat as I blessed her with all my marriage wisdom. Joking aside, it was nice to have that last sister moment before she became a married woman!!

The wedding was held at a GORGEOUS venue on Crest Mountain. The views during the ceremony (which was held on the back deck overlooking the mountains) were breathtaking. It was so beautiful, I didn’t even complain about the shocking amount I was sweating during the ceremony under that long bridesmaid dress…

We ended the night dancing and partying away, celebrating Caitlin and Ian!! My little flower girl did an AMAZING job during the ceremony (although no actual flower petals were thrown during her serious march down the aisle) and she had a blast dancing it up all night. At one point I even asked her if she wanted some cake and she answered “Mommy, I’m too busy dancing!!” She’s quite the little dancing queen!!

Like we knew it would, the week totally flew by, but man oh man did we have fun while it lasted!! Can’t wait until our next family get-together!

We have a house!

So…whoops…life’s been a bit busy these past few months and this poor blog has been sadly neglected. But things are finally starting to settle down thanks in big part to the fact that we (finally) found a house!!! We had NO idea how stressful it would be to find a rental here in Asheville. When we first moved (at the beginning of April) we figured that we would stay with my parents for a few weeks while we searched; imaging that we would be in our new home (easily) by May 1st. My parents warned us about the “hot rental market” but we kind of just nodded along thinking “yeah, yeah, how hard could it really be, I mean this is a big city!”

And then we got here. And oh boy, saying that Asheville has a “hot rental market” is an understatement. We quickly learned that there is something crazy like a 1% vacancy rate here in town for rentals (why are all these darn people moving here?! πŸ˜‰ ) and that we would be competing with a million other people to get a house. (Okay so a million may be a bit exaggerated, but it sure felt like it at times!!) Stalking Zillow and other rental websites became my full time job and I would call/email/text a property as soon as it hit the market. And then Brett and I would go see it and there would be like 10 other people viewing it at the same time; everyone eyeing each other up to see who their biggest competition would be to snatch the house up first. Let’s just say it was EXHAUSTING. Thank God we had my parents (who have been enjoying their time with the grandkids and were not pushing us out in the least) but with 2 kids and a big dog let’s just say that we have seriously taken over their house these past 2 months. Long story short (and seriously, it is a long story) we finally found a house!!

Leah sitting on the front steps on move in day!

We are still settling in (We just moved in Sunday) but we are so, so excited to finally start growing some roots here in our new city.

I am in love with our new bathroom. Also, this is the first time in our married life that Brett and I have a double sink in the master bath, which is thrilling. I’m sure more pics of the house will soon follow, once it isn’t a mess of boxes and furniture…

So, while we searched and waited for a house, I decided to just jump in and potty train Leah. We had put it off for a LONG time, but with so many recent changes (a new baby, and then a big move) I felt weird throwing too much at her at once so we waited and waited some more. But with her 3rd birthday around the corner, I knew she was more than ready! I will write a whole post about it (promise!) hopefully soon, but it’s been an exciting time for her!

I will just say that she has done SO well and we are extremely proud of how she has handled the big change! But more details about our “potty plan” will follow. (I know, I know, you’re all just on the edge of your seats!)

Besides that, Claire turned the big 6 monthsΒ  (how has it already been half a year?!) And I haven’t done her monthly letter since 4 months. #secondchild. This girl is sweet and chubby and delicious and basically just the world’s cutest baby. A full 6 month update will come soon…

So there you have it. A bit of a life update (have we done more these past 2 months than house hunt and potty train?? I’m not really sure) and a promise to (hopefully) get back in the blogging game soon.