We have a house!

So…whoops…life’s been a bit busy these past few months and this poor blog has been sadly neglected. But things are finally starting to settle down thanks in big part to the fact that we (finally) found a house!!! We had NO idea how stressful it would be to find a rental here in Asheville. When we first moved (at the beginning of April) we figured that we would stay with my parents for a few weeks while we searched; imaging that we would be in our new home (easily) by May 1st. My parents warned us about the “hot rental market” but we kind of just nodded along thinking “yeah, yeah, how hard could it really be, I mean this is a big city!”

And then we got here. And oh boy, saying that Asheville has a “hot rental market” is an understatement. We quickly learned that there is something crazy like a 1% vacancy rate here in town for rentals (why are all these darn people moving here?! 😉 ) and that we would be competing with a million other people to get a house. (Okay so a million may be a bit exaggerated, but it sure felt like it at times!!) Stalking Zillow and other rental websites became my full time job and I would call/email/text a property as soon as it hit the market. And then Brett and I would go see it and there would be like 10 other people viewing it at the same time; everyone eyeing each other up to see who their biggest competition would be to snatch the house up first. Let’s just say it was EXHAUSTING. Thank God we had my parents (who have been enjoying their time with the grandkids and were not pushing us out in the least) but with 2 kids and a big dog let’s just say that we have seriously taken over their house these past 2 months. Long story short (and seriously, it is a long story) we finally found a house!!

Leah sitting on the front steps on move in day!

We are still settling in (We just moved in Sunday) but we are so, so excited to finally start growing some roots here in our new city.

I am in love with our new bathroom. Also, this is the first time in our married life that Brett and I have a double sink in the master bath, which is thrilling. I’m sure more pics of the house will soon follow, once it isn’t a mess of boxes and furniture…

So, while we searched and waited for a house, I decided to just jump in and potty train Leah. We had put it off for a LONG time, but with so many recent changes (a new baby, and then a big move) I felt weird throwing too much at her at once so we waited and waited some more. But with her 3rd birthday around the corner, I knew she was more than ready! I will write a whole post about it (promise!) hopefully soon, but it’s been an exciting time for her!

I will just say that she has done SO well and we are extremely proud of how she has handled the big change! But more details about our “potty plan” will follow. (I know, I know, you’re all just on the edge of your seats!)

Besides that, Claire turned the big 6 months  (how has it already been half a year?!) And I haven’t done her monthly letter since 4 months. #secondchild. This girl is sweet and chubby and delicious and basically just the world’s cutest baby. A full 6 month update will come soon…

So there you have it. A bit of a life update (have we done more these past 2 months than house hunt and potty train?? I’m not really sure) and a promise to (hopefully) get back in the blogging game soon.

Can the unpacking be done now?

Hubs and I are slowly settling into our new home, although the unpacking seems to have stopped. It seems as though we have all of the essentials unpacked and put away and everything else? Well…that can just sit on the floor in a box for a little longer. It’s not like we actually use it or anything. I’ll tell you what, moving definitely makes you realize just how much crap you really have. Seriously, I feel like we could have left half of it in our old apartment and I would have never realized it was gone.

It’s funny to me that I’ve always wanted to live in a house with character and that is exactly what God gave us. Except just not in the way I imagined. I always pictured a beautiful old Victorian, full of charm and gorgeous stained glass windows. Instead we got what looks like a rustic northern cabin smack dab in Southern FL. But I love it. The bright white kitchen, the gorgeous wood support beams, the slanted walls that make it impossible to place furniture and the high wood beam ceiling. Perfection.

And what I love most is looking at the kitchen window while cooking and seeing this:

We haven’t used our new pool and hot tube yet, but I fully intend on doing so soon.

Side note, the kitty figurines are husband’s FAVORITE. He just loves my kitty tchotchkes and wishes I would continue to buy more. In my defense, I warned him that, for every year that I don’t get a real kitty, another fake one would show up somewhere in the house. But I digress.

New homes are wonderful. Now did anyone watch the Bachelor last night? I watched a full hour before hubs came down and begged me to watch the last hour on Hulu tonight so we could “finally turn this crap off.” Being the sweet, loving wife that I am, I obliged. And we watched an episode of Breaking Bad on Netflix instead, which may be one of our new shows. I’ll tell you what, I thought it looked stupid when I saw previews on TV, but it’s pretty addicting when you start watching back-to-back episodes. Oh the joys of Netflix.

Happy Tuesday!

And we’ve arrived!

Hubs and I spent the day moving into the new place and we are now 99% moved in! I’ll tell you what, moving sure is easy when you are literally transporting your crap 100 yards down the street. The only huge thing left to move is our dresser, which is so outrageously heavy that even my strong woman arms couldn’t lift it. So for now it will sit in our old, empty bedroom. And we will just have to go without drawers for a few days.

The new house is awesome. I am loving the space that we have and the fact that we now have an upstairs! It’s crazy how a set of stairs can make a house feel 20 times larger.

One of the first things we did was set up one of our Christmas gifts, an awesome Blu-Ray player from my parents. And then we stole their Netflix password so we could watch as many episodes of The Office as we want. Thanks mom and dad.

And then hubs celebrated the move by making his world famous fries in our new bigger (yet still crazy messy) kitchen.

More pics of the place coming soon, once it actually looks neat and pretty.

Until then, happy weekend. 🙂