Pregnancy Update

Here it is–6 months into my pregnancy–and I’ve barely documented any of it!! It just goes to show how different it is the third time around!! Honestly, most days I am so busy running around with the girls that I don’t even think about being pregnant; that is until the end of the day when I collapse on the couch, totally exhausted!!

The collage of pictures are ALL the pictures I have taken during this pregnancy. I know; pathetic!! And none of them have even been with a “real” camera!! The first picture is from the start of my “bump”-at 14 weeks, and the bottom right picture was taken this week-at 26 weeks. I honestly cannot believe that the baby is due in just 14 short weeks. With Leah (and a little with Claire) I was counting down the weeks until the baby would be born, but with this one I am taking the pregnancy one day at a time, since I know my life is going to get 5x crazier once this third kid makes his/her arrival!!


At the end of January I had my 20 week ultra sound. We went into the ultra sound with the decision NOT to find out the gender, and we were (somewhat surprisingly) able to stick with our decision! This is our first time going the “surprise route” and I honestly thought the not knowing would bother me a lot more than it actually does. The idea came to me back when we were trying to get pregnant and month after month I was praying (begging?) God to get pregnant and to bless us with a healthy baby. It really hit me during that time that I never, ever thought about whether I was hoping and praying for one gender over the other, I simply wanted whatever baby God blessed us with. So, once we finally got pregnant, I decided (and so did Brett!) to continue my prayers of gratitude for this baby, this beautiful, wonderful baby that God blessed us with, without any thought or pressure on what the baby’s gender is. And it really has been reassuring and somehow completely peaceful, to pray for this special child, without a care in the world about whether baby is a boy or a girl.

That being said, obviously I am SO excited to find out who this sweet baby is come June! The girls change their minds daily on whether they think baby is a brother or a sister. Currently they are both saying sister, but I think Claire’s opinion may just be an echo of her big sister’s. 😉 Leah has been such a sweet big sister already, hugging my belly and talking to the baby and giving us name suggestions. She is not really into any boy names (no surprise there!) but her current favorite girl names are Margaret (after Daniel Tiger’s little sister of course!), Stella, and Velvet. It’s been very sweet, seeing her be so involved with this pregnancy!

As for how I’m feeling, it’s been very different from my first 2 pregnancies, but I think it’s because a lot has changed since my last 2 pregnancies. This is my first pregnancy as a stay at home mom, and although I initially wondered if that would make it easier, I have quickly realized that is not the case. Brett also now has a job that requires a LOT of travel, which means that I may go a week at a time solo parenting, which has only added to my exhaustion. Besides that, however, I am feeling really great!! I am still hitting the gym 3-4 times a week and am sleeping comfortably. I definitely sleep a lot on my back (I know, I know, a big pregnancy no no!) but it hasn’t proved to be too uncomfortable yet and I haven’t started needing to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, so I’ve still gotten pretty good nights sleep. (Well, as long as my other 2 children allow it, of course!)

As for weight gain, I seem to be right on track to gain the same amount as I did with my earlier 2 pregnancies. I don’t gain any weight my first trimester, and by 20 weeks I was only up 3 lbs. However, I know from experience, that my body has an uncanny ability to catch up, so I had to laugh out loud when I went back in for my 24 week appointment and I had gained 10 LBS in ONE MONTH! Like I said……I know how to make up for lost time. 😛 Now, 2 weeks later, I am up another 2-3 lbs for a grand total of a 15-16 lb weight gain. With the girls I was up 33 lbs by the end and I have a feeling I will be right on track with this one as well.

This belly is definitely a lot bigger than the girls and it is so high! Baby was still breech at 20 weeks (where as the girls were both head down by then) so I am not sure if that is making a difference with how high the belly seems to be. Baby was right on track growth wise at 20 weeks and all looked great. The only “concern” was a bit of fluid that was backed up in the baby’s kidneys at the time of the ultra sound. My OB reassured me that it is VERY common at that stage in the pregnancy and I will have a follow up ultra sound when I go in for my glucose test in 2 weeks, just to monitor baby’s kidneys and make sure the fluid back up hasn’t gotten any worse.

So there it is!! The first pregnancy update at 6 months along!! 🙂 Aches, exhaustion and all, I seriously love being pregnant and I am enjoying every, single minute of carrying this child!!

The story of baby number 3


Since getting married (and probably well before that!) Brett and I always knew we wanted “at least” three kids. We have always joked “Definitely three, but we’ll have to see how the third one is before committing to a fourth.” 😉 So when Claire was around 18 months, we started the whole “pre-baby planning schedule” that we did with Leah, 2 years earlier. I started weaning Claire and was officially done nursing by 19 months. I researched and then scheduled an appointment with a new OB (both because I was way overdue for an annual exam and because I didn’t yet have an OB here in Asheville) and got a clean bill of health-my uterus was ready for a baby! For those of you who have been reading my blog for quite some time, you may remember that I was diagnosed with PCOS in my early 20’s and was told-by more than  one OB/GYN-that getting pregnant may prove difficult. But with Leah it only took 2 months of trying and with Claire we got pregnant right away, so I was feeling pretty confident that this one would just follow suit with the others!

Brett and I started trying to get pregnant in May and I was feeling optimistic that it would happen right away. I was healthy, I felt great, and my cycles had been normal for months. May ended…with a negative pregnancy test. I was obviously disappointed, but was trying not to feel too upset, as we had just started trying. Then came June…with another negative test, and July….negative. By this time I was starting to get a little worried. I know for many, many women, 3 months seems like no time at all, but for me, with my other 2 pregnancies happening so quickly, I felt like something was “off.” I scheduled another appointment with my OB to have a more thorough “check,” mainly to give me some peace of mind. In the back of my mind I just kept thinking about that PCOS diagnosis and how maybe we just got lucky those first two times!

At my OB appointment I had an ultra sound and it was discovered that I was only “partially ovulating,” something that before then I didn’t know was possible! Apparently, even though I felt like I was ovulating, and was still getting regular periods, my follicles were not growing to “full maturity” and were much smaller than what was needed to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Thankfully, she told me, it was an “easy fix.” A super low dose of Chlomid should be all I needed to kick start my body into “full ovulation.”

With renewed optimism, I started my first round of Chlomid that month (thankfully my appointment was at the perfect time to start a round!) and a week later when I came in for an ultra sound, I was told I had a large, healthy follicle all ready and waiting! I went home so excited and sure that it would happen that month, but then, 2 weeks later, came a negative test.

So there we were, now September, when I went back in for round two of Chlomid. After a week on the meds I went in for an ultra sound and saw two healthy follicles, ready to go! My doctor jokingly warned me that if we definitely did not want multiples I should go ahead and skip this cycle. But I knew that there was NO way I was letting a cycle go by without trying! Besides, although going from 2-4 kids would be a lot, Brett and I have always been under the impression that God will give us the child/children we are meant to have so hey, if it ended up being twins we would just be doubly excited! I was mostly feeling optimistic that having two follicles meant doubling my chances of getting pregnant and I was hoping this would be the month!

For anyone who has been pregnant, or has tried to get pregnant, knows, that 2 week wait is the WORST! I had promised myself (and my OB) that I would NOT test early so I was waiting until the day my period was due to take the pregnancy test. By the end of that 2 week wait I had 100% convinced myself that I was not pregnant. I was feeling gross and crampy and exactly how I usually felt right before I got my period.

The morning of “test day” (October 7th!) came and I woke up at 6 am, unable to sleep any longer. I snuck out of bed and immediately went into the bathroom to test. Because this was our 5th month testing, I had bought a bunch of those cheap “dip strip” tests off of Amazon and so, when I saw that it was positive I didn’t know whether to believe it or not!! I ran into our room, yelling Brett’s name (and basically giving him a heart attack) and crying, not even believing that I was finally seeing a positive test.
preggersobviously I had to take a picture of it right away!!

Since I didn’t trust the test (and basically just wanted insurance that it was right!), I immediately got dressed and raced out to CVS to buy another test. It was so funny because when I put the pregnancy test up on the counter (unable to hide my giddy, probably a bit insane, grin), the woman at the register told me that I was the 4th woman to buy a pregnancy test that morning and it wasn’t even 8 am!! Must have been a popular baby testing day!!

I rushed back home, chugged a glass of water, took the test and was ecstatic when a big fat positive appeared.

I know so many friends who have chosen to not share the news with their kids (who are old enough to understand) until they are far enough along that they are out of the “risk of miscarry stage” and when it’s safe for their kids to be blabbing the news to their teacher at school, but I just couldn’t wait to share the news with Leah! She was so, so excited and kept asking about the “baby in my tummy” and whether I thought it was a girl or a boy. Thankfully she is also a quiet, introverted kid, so I knew she wouldn’t be blabbing the news at school (and she didn’t) although she enjoyed talking about it at home quite a bit!

We already had plans to drop off the girls with my parents that night for a sleepover and so Brett and I could have a date night (My parents live in town, about 15 mins from us, and they watch the girls overnight about once a month so Brett and I can go out on a date night and then sleep in the next morning!) so it was perfect timing to share the news! (Again, I know some people wait to tell even family until after their first appointment, but by this point my family all KNEW we had been trying for months so it felt cruel to lie to them and keep from sharing the news when they had all been praying for us for so long!). I dug up Leah’s old “Big Sis” shirt from when we got pregnant with Claire, and stuck it on Claire to wear over to my parents.

As soon  as my parents opened the front door I all but yelled “did you see her shirt?!” I just couldn’t hold it in any longer!! Obviously they were thrilled and we facetimed with Brett’s parents the next day to share the news as well.

For the next few weeks until my first appointment, we were dying to know whether there was one baby in there or two!! I have to say, as much as I would have LOVED twins (seriously, I think that would be so fun) I may have breathed a small sigh of relief when I only saw one baby in that first ultra sound. 😉 I’ll stick to having one baby at a time!

So there you have it! The (long!) story of baby number three!! We are so incredibly thankful that we were able to conceive another child and, although I know I felt like the months were endless, I also know that there are women who struggle for years to conceive, so I know how blessed I am to only need 5 months and 2 rounds of Chlomid. And if anything, having a little “struggle” has just renewed my realization that getting pregnant is a miracle. It is such an amazing, wonderful blessing and I will never, ever take it for granted!

As for how this pregnancy has been compared to the others…(without going into too much detail because man oh man I know this post is long enough already) it’s been rough. And I don’t know if it’s all due to this pregnancy or due to the fact that I have two other kids to run after and care for. haha. But I was very VERY exhausted and nauseous the first trimester and, at 18 weeks, I STILL get nauseous almost every single night after dinner (if baby had it his or her way I just wouldn’t eat after 5 pm EVER). Thankfully my energy levels are rising again and I have been able to get back to the gym and make it through my day without napping. 😉

I’ll do some belly pics and updates soon (maybe 20 weeks?) but we all know that this is baby number three and s(he) will be lucky if I snap a pic of this belly more than 2 times throughout this whole pregnancy!! 🙂

32 weeks

Total weight gain: 22 lbs
Biggest craving this week: Last week was the WORST when I got hit with a stomach bug that left me immobile on the couch for 2 days, unable to eat anything. So this week, I’m just happy to be enjoying food once again!!
Baby is now the size of: A squash. She’s close to 4 lbs and is around 16 inches long.
How I’m Feeling: Better now that the stomach nastiness is over! I am still dealing with HORRIBLE ligament pain along my right lower side, but I’ve just sort of accepted my fate for the next 8 weeks or so of just being in pain all. the. time. Such is pregnancy. Besides that, I’ve started to feel more tired by the end of the day, but I am trying to keep my energy level up by hitting the gym 3 times a week! My friend Shannon and I have officially become pregnant spin fanatics and have now decided to add a second weekly spin class to our work out schedule, so that’s exciting. My plan is to spin this baby right out of me by 39 weeks. 😛
Movement: Baby girl never stops (I’m starting to wonder when the heck she naps? Ever?) and her new favorite trick of the week is to stretch out sideways, so my stomach is forced into a gruesome football shape, while her little hands push one way, and her feet push out the other. It’s such a wonderful feeling. Ha!
Random: The child life girls at work threw the three pregnant specialists the cutest “three peas in a pod” shower this week!! It was so sweet of them and baby girl got some adorable little outfits, socks, headbands and blankets. I will be posting a few pictures from the shower soon because they really did do such an amazing job!
Looking forward to: My baby celebration in 2 weeks. I didn’t really feel the need to have a shower, since there really is not a whole lot we need for this little one (oh the joy of sibling hand me downs!) but my friends still wanted to do something special so we are going out for a fun girls night at the Cheesecake Factory in 2 weeks to celebrate the soon-to-be arrival of Baby Becker!

Working out while pregnant

I’ll be honest here, my exercise regime is far from intense right now. I am consistently working out 3 times a week, as opposed to my normal 5 times a week I tend to do when I’m not pregnant. So I’m not claiming to be an expert what-so-ever on all things exercise when it comes to pregnancy. But! Over the past 30 weeks I have learned a lot about what does and does not work when it comes to working out while pregnant (at least for me anyways). And so, with that in mind, I figured why not share what I’ve learned this time around?

Before I got pregnant with Leah I did not belong to a gym. My workouts consisted of running, running….and more running. And it worked for me as in I stayed a perfectly slim weight while still enjoying in my nightly bowl of ice cream and weekly pizza eating. But my muscle tone (besides strong runners legs) was seriously lacking. When I got pregnant I attempted to keep running, but it just didn’t work for me. I know some people, my sister included, who ran some crazy mileage up until the day they gave birth, but that just wasn’t me. Every time I attempted to run I felt gross and it was incredibly uncomfortable and painful so around 17 weeks I stopped running. And, since I did not belong to a gym, my workouts stopped all together. Yes, I walked every single day (as a child life specialist, we are on our feet ALL day) and sometimes I swam laps (the house we were living in at the time had a pool), but mostly I just floated around on my Aqua lounger. But, during my pregnancy, I didn’t really care that my workouts were slacking. I’m tall and I don’t tend to gain weight quickly, and by the end of my pregnancy, limited exercise and all, I had only gained 33 lbs, which was well within the recommended weight gain for someone of my height and weight.

                           ^^39 weeks pregnant with Leah

And then I gave birth. And I looked down at my “fluffy” body that no longer contained a cute little baby bump and thought “oh crap.” Suddenly I noticed how weak my arms looked and how soft my legs had gotten. And it hit me just how out of shape I had let myself get over the last 9 months. I’ll be honest, the weight looks super cute when you are pregnant, but once that baby comes out, it doesn’t look all that cute anymore. Since that lovely stomach pouch is unavoidable for awhile (unless you are a magical pregnancy supermodel that pops right back within days) I realized that I would have felt better and more like ME again quicker, if I had at least attempted to keep my arms and legs strong and as “normal” looking as possible during my pregnancy.

                ^^Almost 3 months post birth-still looking fluffier than usual. I think at this point I was still a good 12-15 lbs above my pre-baby weight

So, after my 6 week check-up when I got the go ahead from my doctor, I dove head first into working out. I let Jillian Michaels kick my butt 5 days a week for 2 months while at the same time, starting to run again. When I was 4 months post birth, I joined a CrossFit box for a 2 month program. I worked my butt off, completing WODs upwards of 4-5 days a week for those 2 months (hey, I had to get my moneys worth!) and by the time I stopped, 6 months post birth, I was not only back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I was strong!! My abs and arms especially had a muscle tone that I had never had before and I was determined not to lose it. So, with the price of CrossFit being a bit too steep for our budget, I joined a local gym (I get a huge discount for being a hospital employee) and started going to cardio/weight training classes 3 times a week while also keeping my running up and training for a half marathon.

^^6 months post birth and back down to my normal pre-baby weight

Which brings us to pregnancy #2. I got pregnant just weeks after completing my half marathon and I was probably in the best shape I’ve ever been in. So, when I saw that positive pregnancy test, I knew right away that I was going to make myself work out through this pregnancy! I had a bit of a set back right away with my complications which kept me from working out (almost) my entire first trimester. But once I got the go ahead from my doctor at 13 weeks, I jumped right back into my exercise regime. I am lucky that I have a doctor who is VERY supportive of me working out while pregnant and she has encouraged me to keep my normal work out schedule going as much as possible. So, with that in mind, I started attending spin classes every Monday and weight training/cardio classes every Wednesday, with another class/gym workout or run thrown in there at some point during the week. After 30 weeks, here’s what I’ve learned so far about working out while pregnant:


1. Being pregnant is NOT a condition or ailment! I get so tired of people asking (or just stating) “You shouldn’t be doing that!” while I’m pregnant. Whether it’s lifting a heavy(ish) weight, or carrying my 30 lb 2-year old, people seem to have the need to share their displeasure for what I am doing. But guess what? You CAN lift weights while pregnant! You CAN carry your 2 year old around and even complete a round of burpees during a gym class. As long as you are SAFE and listen to your body, doing a few kettle bell swings is not going to make you go into early labor.

2. You need to drink a LOT of water while working out. I bring a 34 oz camelbak water bottle to my gym classes and by the time my 45 min spin class is over it is completely empty. I quickly learned to drink, drink, drink during a workout. Before being pregnant, I usually waited for a sanctioned “water break” during a class before getting some water. Now, I am constantly taking a brief pause to drink, even while others continue on with the class. During spin it’s easier, since the water is right there within my grasp, and I make sure I drink after every single song. During cardio/weight training classes, however, it’s a bit harder because I have to remind myself to physically stop what I’m doing and go over and grab my water bottle consistently throughout the class, but doing so has helped me feel so much better during my workouts.

3. You don’t need to stay at the same level you were before. It took me awhile not to stress about this one, as I tend to be a bit competitive. During a workout, I would never let myself complete my squat sets at a rate slower than the instructor. If she was using 12 lbs, I was using 12 lbs. If the woman in front of me was banging out burpees at a frightening speed, you better believe that I was right there keeping up. That all changed when I became pregnant. Now, if I’m doing one squat for every 2 the instructor is doing, I’m okay with that (hey, I’m squatting with 20 extra lbs over here!) If the spin instructor yells that we should be sprinting at 120 RPMs and I look down at my screen and see that I’m barely hitting 102, I happily continue on with what I’m doing. I know my body is changing and I also try and stay completely in tune with how I am feeling. If I start feeling a cramp during spin, I immediately slow down and drink some water. If an exercise makes me feel uneasy, I modify it to something that works better.

4. However, it’s still okay to push yourself! Even though I am much more careful and slower than I was pre-pregnancy, I also don’t let myself use it as an excuse for not working hard during a workout. Yes, I am more in tune with my body; when I need to slow down, when I need to drink more water, when I need to modify an exercise, but I also still work out hard because otherwise, why am I there? Yes, I’m pregnant, but I also want to be strong, which will only come with (somewhat) pushing myself during a workout. I love, love, LOVE, spinning while pregnant. It took awhile to get adjusted comfortably on a bike with a big belly and what not (every week I laugh when I raise the handle bars just a bit more to accommodate for the growing gut) but, besides the initial awkwardness and discomfort, I can soar through a workout feeling awesome and not like I’m pregnant at all. Spinning while pregnant has a lot of advantages; it’s low impact (your pelvic floor is kept still during the entire workout as opposed to other cardio exercises like running), it has amazing cardio benefits, it prepares your body to tackle labor and delivery, you can totally go your own pace the entire workout..etc. I could go on and on (I’m a total pregnant spin spokeswoman over here…) During a class you better believe I am pushing myself. I up that resistance during a climb, I sprint my little heart out, I finish the class with a hard tabata, everything I would do non-pregnant; just at less of an intensity. And some weeks I feel great and I’m able to keep up in class, and other weeks I’m exhausted and I have to slow down or go down a few levels. And I’m okay with that!

5. It helps to have a workout friend. My good friend is pregnant as well, just 7 weeks behind me, and she is just as into working out as I am. We hit the gym together at least twice a week for our favorite classes and we constantly encourage each other when the other doesn’t feel like working out. I’ll be honest, if I didn’t know that Shannon was already on her way to the gym there would be plenty of times that I would have slipped into my favorite yoga pants to cuddle up on the couch instead with my beloved bag of M&M’s (bad, bad pregnancy craving over here!) but when I get her text “you reserve your bike for spin tonight??” I sigh and heft myself off the couch to change into my gym clothes. That motivator is so incredibly valuable, plus just imagine all the comments you get when you and your pregnant friend work out together! 🙂

6. Working out can actually make you LESS achy. Some days (especially as the weeks go on) I feel VERY pregnant. I’m stiff, my “lower area” hurts, I’m exhausted…all I want to do is lie on the couch. But when I push myself to an evening gym class, I usually wake up feeling more flexible, loose, more energized and overall “less pregnant.”

7. You don’t feel as guilty indulging in your pregnancy cravings! On the days I workout, I have no guilt what-so-ever when I help myself to my nightly bowl of ice cream or handful of pumpkin M&Ms. Because, honestly, for me this is not about the weight gain. Like I said before, I barely worked out at ALL with my first pregnancy and, so far, I am basically on the exact same weight gain track. At this point I’ll probably gain 30-35 lbs by the time I give birth, just like with the first. But, I truly believe that this time I will be stronger and I will feel better about myself post-birth. I guess you could call this a little experiment of sorts on how different I feel POST birth with this pregnancy as opposed to my first.

^^Why yes, that is a pumpkin pie donut with a scoop of ice cream on top. Go big or go home.

8. Do what works for you. Like I said before, some people are able to run quite comfortably throughout their pregnancy. That is not my experience. With this pregnancy especially I am experiencing some horrible round ligament pain that makes walking fast, let alone running, extremely painful and uncomfortable. But I realized that this doesn’t mean I can’t do any exercise. Through some trial and error I have figured out what works and what doesn’t. For me spinning, rowing, weight training, squats, etc all provide excellent cardio without the round ligament pain. Just find what works for you and go with it!

There you have it, 8 small (and simple) tips that I’ve figured out when it comes to working out while pregnant. I’ll be very interested in seeing how my labor, delivery and recovery compare with this baby, as opposed to my last, with continuous exercise thrown into the mix. But, regardless of what happens, I do know that exercising has made me feel strong, happy and healthy during this pregnancy so far, which, in the end, makes it totally worth it!

So get out there and move! 🙂



29 weeks

Total weight gain: 19 lbs
Biggest craving this week: Pumpkin flavored anything, but that may just be because I am craving fall here in the south Florida heat….
Baby is now the size of: A butternut squash. She’s about 3 lbs and is 15-16 inches long!
How I’m Feeling: Just okay. I am dealing with some HORRIBLE round ligament pain, just along my right side (underbelly and groin area). It’s so bad that I can’t cross my right leg without physically lifting it up with my arms and whenever I walk or run I have pain along that side all. the. time. It’s never ending. Sometimes the pain wakes me up at night when I roll over and/or move my right leg and when I stand up I have to physically hold onto my underbelly to keep from being in too much pain. Sounds fun, right? It exhausts me to think that I have 11 more weeks of this to look forward to….Funny enough, spin class doesn’t bother it at ALL (if anything, it helps loosen it and provide some relief for at least a short amount of time) so at least my Monday night spin class is still going strong plus it just gives me one more enticing reason to heave myself up off the couch and go!
How clothes fit: So the other day I ventured to Ross to pick up some new work out clothes (all my workout tanks are starting to creep up the belly-it wasn’t pretty). I only found one long top, but on a whim I decided to check out their small maternity section to see if there was anything good. I have been researching the best pair of maternity leggings (I never had a good pair when I was pregnant with Leah) and everything I read kept pointing me to Ingrid and Isabel except their leggings are $50!! Umm, no thank you. So in Ross I saw a few pair of leggings and I grabbed some to try on. Well, as soon as I slid into the ones pictured above, I knew that I had found the right ones. I am not kidding when I say that these leggings are the most comfortable item of clothing I have EVER put on! They are a “one size fits all” kind of deal but they are still fitted, without being too tight. The waist band is loose enough so that it doesn’t dig into you and they can be worn either under or over the belly. They are thick enough to not be see through at all, but thin enough that they aren’t too hot or bulky. And they are lined with this super soft, fleecy material that feels like the worlds most comfortable blanket against my skin. All that awesomeness for $6.99. Oh yeah! Who needs $50 leggings when you can find the WORLD’S MOST COMFORTABLE leggings for less than $10!?? All that to say, these leggings are never, ever coming off.
Movement: Baby girl is wiggling around in there like crazy and she seems to enjoy punching my left hip bone multiple times a day, which gives me such a horrible jolt it makes me jump every time!
Random: I have had lots of funny/opposite comments with this pregnancy. On one hand I get a lot of “You’re so tiny with your little basketball belly!” or “Are you kidding me?! I was that size at (insert a point in pregnancy less than my own) weeks!” On the completely opposite hand, I’ve gotten some “Oh wow you’re so big!” and “You look SO much bigger than you did with your first pregnancy!” comments. I know it all depends on an individual’s perception and/or their own pregnancy experience, but still, it cracks me up. So apparently I am huge, yet tiny, at the same time!! From now on, I think everyone should just stick with “Wow, you look wonderful!” and leave it at that. 😛
Looking forward to: The baby shower I am throwing for my good friend Katie next weekend!! Can’t wait to celebrate her sweet baby boy who is coming so so soon!!!!

**Oh, PS. For anyone who might wonder why Lucy is wearing a cone, she was spayed on Monday so she is still recovering from surgery!

27 weeks

Total weight gain: 15 lbs
Biggest craving this week: Seltzer! It’s a weird craving to have, but I seriously cannot get enough. Luckily, it’s only helping me drink more water which is a good thing! Besides that, my love for pumpkin hit as soon as September started so I’ve been all about the pumpkin desserts…
Baby is now the size of: A cauliflower. Over 2 lbs and about 14 inches long!!
How I’m Feeling: Tired. Luckily my cold is fading, but (probably from all my nose blowing) I have a super fun new pregnancy symptom: a bloody nose. And I’m talking really bad, blood flowing out bloody nose. Gross. Let’s hope that doesn’t last too long. I’ve also been so itchy this pregnancy! It’s very weird, but it feels like I am having an allergic reaction to something all the time. My chest, arms, back and stomach are especially itchy. It’s horrible and I just want to scratch (or better yet, have Brett scratch my back) all day long! When I mentioned it at my appointment last week my doctor responded with an “Ohhhh one of the rarest pregnancy symptoms!” Like I should be proud at my ability to only get the rarest of horrible pregnancy side effects. Lucky me! Besides that (as I sit here and try not to scratch) I’m still working out at the gym 2-3 weeks, dragging myself there even when I’m feeling exhausted!
How clothes fit: This belly seems to poke out differently than my first. Shirts that I know were still fitting me at this time with Leah, are creeping up over my belly. It’s funny how differently your body can carry a pregnancy! To make it easier to get ready for work I have hung up my small collection of shirts that fit all together so I can just quickly choose in the morning. Sadly, my collection is dwindling down a lot quicker than I would like!
Movement: We are officially starting the time when her movements are not as cute and enjoyable anymore but are instead more painful and jolting. The other day at work she kept punching my hip bone which left me grimacing as I tried to prep a patient for surgery. I still don’t think she’s as hyper (or maybe as big) as Leah was, since she was a lot crazier in the womb, but this one is definitely starting to get some power behind those kicks of hers!
Random: It’s so funny how you can make your belly look bigger vs smaller with how you are standing. I don’t think much about how I pose for these weekly updates (since it’s basically the same) but I realized when I looked at this weeks picture that my belly looks like it has shrunk 3 sizes from last week! When I compared pics I realized that last week I was standing with my back really curved (doing the whole pregnant woman, stick-out-your-stomach pose) while this week I stood up straight and normal. Random, but funny…so if anyone noticed that my belly seems to have drastically shrunk since last week, that’s why!
Looking forward to: My best friend’s baby shower that I’m throwing at my house at the end of the month! 🙂

26 weeks

I was too tired to put on real pants for this week’s photo, so yoga pants will have to do!
Also, in all the hoopla of Leah’s birthday last week, I totally forgot to take a 25 week update picture, whoops! Yet another example she can in the future when she’s complaining about being the forgotten second child. 😉

So this week’s been a tough one because I’m suffering from a bad cold and a cold + pregnancy= death. I’ve felt so exhausted all day, which isn’t been helped by my inability to sleep well at night, due to a stuffy nose and congested cough. I’m hoping it clears up soon! I completed my super fun glucose test today, which resulted in a VERY nauseous afternoon. I do not remember the glucose test making me feel ill when I was pregnant with Leah, but I’m wondering if my bad cold is related. Other updates for this week…(or really, the past 2 weeks!) The belly has REALLY popped! I feel like there has been a LOT of growth between week 23 and 26. Today I saw a nurse who hadn’t worked since Friday and she stopped short and said “Woah! Your stomach grew!!” which I definitely feel is true. She also went on to comment that I “looked huge!” which is just the thing any pregnant woman wants to hear, right?! Cravings haven’t really been too strong the past few weeks…still loving chocolate and dairy with a side of something nice and salty! I found out my other friend who is pregnant in our pregnant trio (we joke that we all signed a pregnancy pact) is also having a GIRL which excites me to no end! Looks like baby will have a built in best friend, and a built in boyfriend! Lucky her! And…..that’s all I can think of. I apologize for the super lame update this week….Seriously, blame the cold; my head feels like it’s stuffed with cotton balls. But, in good news, we are heading up to the island tomorrow for the weekend!! I’m hoping the cool ocean breeze clears out my cold and I’m looking forward to relaxing on the beach with my new library book all weekend. 🙂