24 weeks

So I had the best intentions when it came to posting pregnancy updates from New York, but then of course I never did so I ended up missing two weeks of updates. Whoops. So let’s play some catch up…

Total weight gain: 10 lbs. Let’s talk weight gain for a minute. I had a slow start with my weight gain this time around, due to stress and morning sickness, and by 17 weeks, I still hadn’t gained any weight. But then, at my next doctor’s appointment, at 21 weeks, I had suddenly gained 8 lbs!! The nurse who weighed me let slip a little “oh wow!” at my impressive jump. Obviously she was jealous at my body’s amazing ability to pack on a solid 2 lbs a week for a whole month. I was a little surprised myself, more so because I started to become a tad bit worried that this 2 lbs a week business would continue, which would lead to a nice 45-50 lb weight gain by the end of my pregnancy. When I voiced my concern to my doctor, she just laughed and promised me that my body was just making up for lost time and that it would all even out in the end. And I’m pleased to see that she has been right and that 3 weeks later I’m only up another 2 lbs. BUT! I have also accepted that my body is going to do what my body needs to do. I’m exercising, I’m eating right (well…relatively…besides my overwhelming craving for peanut butter M&M’s and all….) and I am now completely comfortable in allowing my body to do what ever is healthy for this baby!
Biggest craving this week: Peanut butter M&M’s!! I made Brett buy me a bag and they disappeared in an embarrassing short amount of time….Besides that, my love affair with hummus and pita chips has continued. Oh, and we also ate pizza about 5 times while in New York, but I mean, come on, how could you not when you are surrounded by the best pizza in the country?!
Baby is now the size of: An ear of corn and a little over 1 lb.
How I’m Feeling: Still feeling really good! My energy level is up and I’m hitting the gym 2 times a week as well as walking daily. My belly REALLY popped between week 23 and 24 and I feel like it’s super noticeable now. My nurses on my unit make remarks as I walk by and parents and patients have started commenting as well.
How clothes fit: All maternity clothes all the time. Well, besides some longer “normal” shirts. Funny enough, I have some regular shirts that fit better than some of my maternity shirts…odd how that works. My good friend in NYC gifted me with a pair of her maternity skinny jeans and shorts, which has been a nice addition to my small pregnancy wardrobe. My favorite pair of maternity work pants have a full panel and I still have to fold it down to keep them from sliding down, but I’m sure it will only be a matter of weeks before my belly fully fills out the band!
Movement: Baby is dancing up a storm in there lately and I’m finally at the stage where you can physically see my stomach move from the outside. Last night while watching TV Brett got to really feel her flips for the first time, which is always a fun stage. And today during my staff meeting, I could see my shirt jump every time she rolled or kicked!
Random: Funny story; the other day I met a family in the hospital for a therapy dog visit and the mom did a double take when I walked into the room. Apparently they had met me 3 years ago when I was 8 months pregnant with Leah!! She exclaimed “Wow! You’re pregnant again!!” And it made me laugh, thinking that this woman must assume I’m just popping out babies right and left. Funny though that she remembered me AND the fact that I was pregnant!!
Looking forward to: Finally deciding on a NAME! It’s been tougher to agree on one this time around. By this point in my pregnancy with Leah we had already agreed on a name and I loved that because I felt like baby really took on an identity then. I know we still have 16 more weeks, but I’m bugging Brett to decide already so we can start calling this precious girl by her name!! The good thing is, I think we are super close to officially agreeing on one! 🙂

21 weeks

I’m always a few days late with these updates…so technically I’m almost half way through the week, but I figure how much can I change in a few days, right?? One of these days I’ll try and post on time….

So, 21 weeks. Updates for this week include: Another lb gained and baby GIRL is moving and squirming around more and more. This marks the first week that Brett got to feel her from the outside. Does anyone else ever notice that baby seems to just know when it’s the mom’s hand on the belly vs anyone else’s?? Brett and I can be sitting on the couch, watching our evening show (we’re flying through Scandal on Netflix and LOVING it) and I can have my hand causally resting on the bump. Baby will start squirming and kicking like crazy, and I’ll quickly grab Brett’s hand and place in on my belly and then he feels….nothing. It’s like baby knows it’s not my hand and suddenly she gets all shy and doesn’t care to perform. So it’s taken quite some time for me to finally be able to do the hand switch quick enough for Brett to feel a good kick! I feel like we spent most of this week really letting it sink in that we are having another girl! Every time I think about it I get more and more excited and when I see two little sisters together I can’t help but smile (or cry, but you know…pregnancy hormones….) The 21st week also marks the moment where this pregnancy no longer went unnoticed. I’ve switched to wearing maternity pants full time this week and the belly just popped (as least to me it has). I had numerous nurses on my unit suddenly exclaim “Oh my gosh, you’re pregnant?!” on Friday and it made me laugh to answer, “Yup, 21 weeks…it’s another girl” to all of their astonished faces. It’s not that I MEANT to hide it for this long, it’s just a weird thing to casually bring up at work so I was just waiting for everyone to finally notice. And I guess now is the time! You know when I first started these updates, around 17 weeks, and I said I was carrying smaller than I was with Leah? I think that time too has passed. I look at pictures from the same week with my first pregnancy and I definitely think I look bigger this time around. I’ll have to post some side-by-side pictures for a true comparison. My belly is also SO different than it was with Leah. With Leah, I was more round where as this belly seems to be more narrow on the sides and pointy in the middle. My friend’s husband calls those pointy bellies “torpedo bellies” and I’m afraid this one may be one of those….We shall see as I continue to grow! It is funny to me just how differently your body can carry a second pregnancy, even when the first was only 2 years ago. We leave for New York this Friday for a full week to visit Brett’s family and see his sister get married so my next update will be from NY!

20 weeks


Half Way!!!
So the biggest news this week is that we found out that baby is a GIRL!!! Cue shocked expressions….The night before we found out we jokingly asked friends and family members to cast their final votes and the result was overwhelmingly “boy!” Brett and I (and Leah!) were also firmly planted in team boy. (Side note on Leah..our little girly trouble maker is VERY intrigued with boys these days, so she had been saying baby was a boy all along…)

Thursday morning I awoke with butterflies in my stomach, both excited and anxious to head to our scan. We decided to bring Leah along, not that she would ever remember, but we thought it would be a fun memory for us that she was there when we found out her sibling’s gender. We lucked out with the world’s sweetest ultra sound tech who patiently put up with Leah’s multiple “what’s that?” questions and walked us through the entire scan. At one point when she was measuring baby’s legs, she did a quick scan over the “area” and I caught a quick glimpse.  At that point I was pretty sure it was a girl, since nothing major stood out, but I wasn’t 100% positive. So we waited while the measurements continued, my heart pounding the entire time. And then came the big question…”Do you guys want to know what you are having?” We gave an overwhelming “YES!” and she laughed and commented that baby was positioned with her goods perfectly visible. (Which really was so sweet and considerate of her, compared to her older sister who made me work for it-drinking juice, peeing, and jumping around like a mad woman before she finally showed us her goods. I guess we know who the easy child is going to be…) And then we heard the big news, “Looks like Leah will be getting a sister! Baby is a GIRL!” Immediately tears started streaming down my face and I couldn’t stop smiling. And the crazy part was, as much as I really thought baby was going to be a boy up until that moment, when we were told that it was a girl a sense of peace swept over me and I thought “well of course baby is a girl!” I felt at that moment that I had always known she was there with me and that obviously she could never be anything other than her sweet self. Motherhood is funny that way. Even while still in the womb the baby becomes uniquely and indistinctively yours and you feel like you have already loved them your entire life.

Brett was, of course, shocked but thrilled. The tech joked and said “Sorry daddy!” but, looking at the sweet smile on his face as he heard the news, I felt that this man was made to have girls. He reminds me of my own father when I watch him with Leah; patient, fun, loving, and instilling a strong confidence in her that can only come from her daddy. And as for Leah? I cannot stop smiling when I think about the gift she is getting. A sister!! There is honestly nothing in the world like a sister. I should know, I have three of the very best ones in the world. Three God made best friends. And I can only hope and pray that Leah (and baby no name) cherish their relationship as I do my own. Brett and I are already planning on how to change Leah’s room around to accommodate her new baby SISTER and my heart feels full.

If you are still reading after all that, here’s a few more updates for the half way point!
Total weight gain: 6 lbs. I jokingly told Brett the other day that my body seems more than competent at making up for lost time. Yes, I might have had a slow start with the pregnancy weight gain, but, no worries! We can catch right back up in no time. My body is all, “Oh you just ate a yogurt? Okay, I’ll just add another lb for that…”
How clothes are fitting: So the other day at work I’m walking to lunch and all of the sudden “pop!” my pants came unsnapped. That’s when I decided that it might be time to make the switch to maternity pants. And then, as I slid my maternity work pants on the next day, I thought “Why the heck did I put this off for so long! These are so comfy!!” And then half way through the day, after the 10 millionth time of pulling up my pants I remembered why. Yes, maternity pants are the bomb, but they are also a pain in the butt when your bump doesn’t exactly fill them out yet….
Movement: Baby girl is rocking and rolling in there, but definitely not as much as her big sister was. I definitely feel her moving constantly, but she seems more relaxed and chill unlike her sister who started her tumbling career in the womb….Let’s just say I am hoping that this calmness in the womb translates into a calm baby…it’s possible, right???
How I’m feeling: Awesome! Lots of energy, no excessive sleepiness. I’ve been hitting the gym a few times a week and feeling great at work so let’s just say I’m fully enjoying this “honeymoon phase” of pregnancy…
Random: I don’t remember if I’ve said this already, but my sister-in-law AND two of my best friends/co-workers are all pregnant as well and we are all due within 2 months of each other. Now, as we are all finding out the genders (2 girls and a boy so far…the last of the group will find out in month or so…) I find myself giddy with excitement at having all these babies at the same time. My friends and I already joke about forced play dates, whether our kids like each other or not, but there really is something so fun about having babies at the same time as friends!

19 weeks

19 weeks! Updates for this week include……Another lb gained, baby is starting to move like CRAZY (the movements are still like little light flutters, but when baby kicks hard enough I’m starting to feel him/her from the outside if my hand is exactly in the right spot…), and I’m still craving salt, salt, salt! With Leah I was all about the sweets…ice cream, cookies, chocolate, you name it, I wanted it. With baby #2, I could totally pass on the brownies, but then eat an entire bag of pita chips. Not sure either is the healthier option….The belly is starting to really pop this week (at least to me). I’m still fitting into my normal work pants (and STILL no one at work seems to know I’m pregnant…) but I have pulled out my all time favorite maternity shorts from when I was pregnant with Leah (being worn in above pictures). These shorts are sooo comfy, but after wearing them until 41 weeks with Leah, and then passing them on to my sister when she was pregnant, let’s just say the belly band is a bit stretched out. Even with it folded down, I’ve still been hiking up my shorts all day, but it’s totally worth it. Just give me a few more weeks and I’m sure this stomach will be filling out the belly band once again. So! Let’s talk gender for a minute!! We are (hopefully!) finding out whether baby is a boy or a girl this Thursday at my 20 week scan (so as you can see, I’m always a few days behind with these weekly updates, but oh well…) Everyone and their mother is telling me that this baby is a BOY (including one of our super sweet 70 something year old hospital volunteer who apparently is “never wrong” and who took one look at me and said, “You know it’s a boy, right?” And, truth be told, when I was pregnant with Leah she did correctly guess girl….) so I feel myself being sucked in and definitely, definitely thinking this kid is a boy. Which totally means that it’ll be a girl, right? I, on the other hand, stink at guessing what other people are having (I am seriously always wrong) so I don’t even know what to think about my own. I keep getting asked if I have a “feeling” on “inclination,” but honestly I don’t, besides the fact that boy, boy, boy has been pounded into my head from everyone around me. Yes, this pregnancy has been a little different than my last, yes baby’s heart rate is consistently lower than Leah’s ever was and yes, I’m craving salty foods, so all signs DO seem to point to boy, but  we all know those “signs” mean nothing in the end. So wait we will for just a few more days!! Honestly, I will be thrilled no matter what baby is. A lot of people seem to assume that I want a boy, “Oh, well since you already have a girl!”But, growing up with all sisters, I would be thrilled to pieces if Leah gets to experience just a little of what I did. So as lame as it is to say “All I want is a healthy baby!” I can totally say with 100% conviction that, no matter what gender news we hear on Thursday, I will be crying tears of joy!!!

18 weeks

I’m not crazy about these pictures because of the weird shadowing, but that’s what happens when you make your husband take them at 7 pm…
So, let’s see what’s new this week……The belly is starting to pop a little more. I still feel like I’m at the stage where I can wear one outfit and look really pregnant and then another where I do not look pregnant at all. Such a strange phase…like a constant disappearing/reappearing belly trick. I’m still wearing all of my normal clothes; pants still fitting fine, but my work pants have officially become a little snug unless I undo the top hook. The weight is finally coming on…with a sudden quickness that is just thrilling. (Ha). It’s like one day you step on the scale and you’re still your normal weight, and then the next morning you step on and you somehow managed to gain 3 lbs overnight!? So that’s fun. As far as food goes, this kid is making me crave carrots and cucumbers dipped in either ranch or hummus something fierce! I seriously cannot get enough. Sadly, my nightly ice cream eatings (which were short lived after my first trimester nausea) has quickly come to an end. Baby is not crazy about dairy to begin with, but every time I try and eat a bowl of delicious ice cream after 7 pm I am punished with extreme nausea and overall grossness so I have officially thrown in the towel. You win this time, baby. I guess I’ll just have to eat my ice cream for lunch from now on! Exercising is going pretty well. I ran 3 (slow) miles on the treadmill on Saturday and I felt great! Until about 20 minutes after I was done and my stomach muscles started to hurt so badly, like they were bruised to the touch. This week is a big week with ligament/muscle stretching and growing and apparently my 3 bouncy miles did not do my stomach any justice. Luckily the uncomfortableness did not last very long. This has also been a big week for movement (finally!) This past week I really started feeling baby flutter and roll, which has been so much fun. This is my favorite stage of movement, when those little flutters bring smiles instead of painful “ouch!!!”-es as will soon happen post-30 weeks. And that’s about all that’s new in the 18th week!!

17 weeks

Let’s get these weekly pregnancy updates rolling, shall we?
Total weight gain: 0 lbs. This pregnancy was a little rough during the first trimester and between nausea and stress, I lost 3 lbs, so now I’m back up to my starting pre-pregnancy weight. I expect the lbs to start packing on no problem from here on out….
Baby’s heartbeat: I’m not sure, but I’ll know after my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. Last month is was 151 bpm.
Baby is now the size of: A pear: 5.12 inches and 4.94 oz. Brett and I were joking today that maybe this is our short kid as opposed to Leah (who is the size of an average 2 1/2 year old…) due to how I’m carrying (super small still). I know it’s typical for women to pop quicker with number 2, but it’s been the opposite with me so far…
Biggest craving this week: Anything salty!! I’m also obsessed with nectarines.
How I’m Feeling: Pretty good! Energy is getting back up there and I’m no longer falling asleep at 8:30 pm every night.
How clothes fit: Still wearing all of my normal clothes. Again, with Leah I was paper clipping my work pants to allow them to still fit at this point, but this time around they are still snapping no problem. My chest, however, seems to be growing at an alarming rate, so I’m actually looking forward to the stomach getting bigger and balancing me out a little!!
Movement: Not much so far. With Leah, I felt like I had a little jumping bean inside of me and I felt her movements early on (14 weeks or so). I remember seeing her during my 12 week scan and being amazed by how much she was literally bouncing around my womb. This kid (so far) seems much more chill. At our 12 week scan he/she was just casually moving about, waving to the camera every once and awhile, and his/her movements have been much more slight. I didn’t really feel much until this week when I’ll feel a casual little pop and roll at night.
Random: It’s kind of funny because very few people at work know that I’m pregnant. Obviously my boss does, as do the other child life girls, but 99% of the nurses on my unit still have no idea. I have a hard time finding a way to casually throw it into conversation “Oh, okay, so you are about to do an IV in room 12? Also, I’m pregnant!” So instead I’ve just been moving along, waiting for someone to notice (which has been absolutely no one so far..) I’m guessing a little after 20 weeks I’ll suddenly pop and it will just become obvious. Until then, I joked with my friend/office roommate that everyone must just think I’m casually packing on the lbs and growing a little gut…
Looking forward to: July 17th!! That is when we have our 20 week ultra sound. 2 1/2 more weeks and then we will know if Leah will be getting a brother or a sister!

13 weeks…and a pool day

14 weeks with Leah on the left vs. 13 weeks with baby number 2 on the right.

In a big belly contest, I think Leah is still winning…….

14 weeks with Leah vs. 13 weeks with baby #2

It is getting hot, hot, hot down here in South Florida. Saturday morning I was complaining about the heat to Brett and how I wish we had a pool when he causally said; “You know we can head up to my grandparent’s condo and use their pool whenever we want, right?!” And I basically jumped out of my chair and yelled “Let’s got!” Of course as we made the short 25 min drive north to the condo, it started looking like it was going to rain. As we pulled into the complex I could hear some thunder in the distance. I told Brett that we should just quickly take Leah to the pool before it got too bad, so we headed down, and 4 hours later….the sun was still shining and the clouds had cleared! That’s South Florida for you! Leah LOVES the pool! She becomes quite the little dictator whenever she finds herself in a situation where she has mommy and daddy’s undivided attention (which, let’s be honest, is a lot. This kid won’t know what hits her when baby #2 comes and she’s no longer the center of our universe) and she spent the day bossing us around in the pool. “Mommy! Swim!” “Daddy! kick!” “Mommy! Sit!” “Daddy! Bubbles!” She really is a bossy little thing. And yet we continue to do what she asks so, you know, we’re really helping the situation. And then we had a little mishap where she pooed in her swim diaper and I had left the spare up in the condo. So I had Brett take off her dirty diaper and clean her off and let her run free for a little while (I mean, she had JUST pooed, so really, what’s the worst that could happen?!) Brett went up to the condo to let out the puppy and grab a new swim diaper. And of course, not 5 mins after the diaper came off (which, side note, was hilarious. My confused child kept covering her little bum and asking “mommy? diaper?” we’ve obviously raised her to be quite modest) she looks up from running around the pool patio with a look of panic and shock on her face. “Mommy! Poop!!” she yelled, before performing an impressive squat and pooping on the ground. So that was fun. Luckily the wipes were with me and I was able to clean her up and scoop up the poo to throw away and we were back to being as good as new. Motherhood is so glamorous.

In other news, I had my 13 week appointment today!! Baby’s heartbeat is strong (145) and my doctor had to spend about 10 minutes chasing him/her around my womb as he/she swam away from the fetal doppler. My doctor said that everything looks super good, and being 13 weeks now, I can stop being so strict with my no exercise regime. I still have to be careful since we still do not know WHAT exactly is causing the bleeding (a polyp? high blood supply?) but the one thing she DOES know, is that it is not affecting the baby in the least bit so I am allowed to start moving again! Woohoo! I am already psyched to hit up my spin class this Thursday, which I haven’t been to in almost 3 months!!! I need to start of slow with low impact exercises, but as long as the bleeding stays at bay, I can slowly start to add in more and more high impact exercises (and hopefully run again soon!)Although it’s not a clear and concise answer, it made me feel SO much better that my doctor thinks everything looks great and I’m allowed to start getting back into my normal routine. I did want to thank everyone who weighed in on my last blog post. I got SO many private messages, emails, and blog comments with helpful hints, “I’ve been there’s” and just good thoughts and prayers, and it really meant so much! So thank you! I really do love hearing from you all!!

Besides the good news, there’s not much pregnancy updates to give yet. I want to do the same type of weekly updates I did when I was pregnant with Leah, so I will try to start that next week. As for now, no weight gain yet, (I always lose a few lbs in the first trimester because I’m so nauseous, but now that I’m, thankfully, ending my first trimester, I’m sure the lbs will start coming on soon!) no movement yet that I can feel, and I’m still feeling a bit nauseous (although that should end soon!). I’m craving a lot of fruit and salty snacks like goldfish and crackers with cheese. And I’m so so ready to be entering into my second trimester at the end of this week! As for a gender guess, I really don’t know. Every dream that I have, baby is a boy, so who knows….I can’t wait to find out although I still have a little more time to wait (my anatomy scan is scheduled for the 17th of next month..) Besides that, everything is great! 🙂