Baby Bump

I am very lucky to be married to such a talented photographer who manages to catch some beautiful shots of our family. I love all the amazing pictures he takes of Leah, but I’ve never been all that into having pictures of myself taken, especially while pregnant. I just feel so awkward and I never know how to pose and smile and hold the belly gracefully without looking slightly deranged. But, being pregnant is a beautiful (if not awkward at times) thing, and I did want to capture some photos of my last weeks pregnant, especially with Leah. The very first pictures of me and my two girls. So, with that idea in mind, we set off to a park this past weekend to capture a few shots of this large belly. And, I have to say, I was pretty pleased with how they turned out!

And just because she is so darn adorable…..

Can’t wait for this little girl to join our family in just a few short weeks!!

32 weeks

Total weight gain: 22 lbs
Biggest craving this week: Last week was the WORST when I got hit with a stomach bug that left me immobile on the couch for 2 days, unable to eat anything. So this week, I’m just happy to be enjoying food once again!!
Baby is now the size of: A squash. She’s close to 4 lbs and is around 16 inches long.
How I’m Feeling: Better now that the stomach nastiness is over! I am still dealing with HORRIBLE ligament pain along my right lower side, but I’ve just sort of accepted my fate for the next 8 weeks or so of just being in pain all. the. time. Such is pregnancy. Besides that, I’ve started to feel more tired by the end of the day, but I am trying to keep my energy level up by hitting the gym 3 times a week! My friend Shannon and I have officially become pregnant spin fanatics and have now decided to add a second weekly spin class to our work out schedule, so that’s exciting. My plan is to spin this baby right out of me by 39 weeks. 😛
Movement: Baby girl never stops (I’m starting to wonder when the heck she naps? Ever?) and her new favorite trick of the week is to stretch out sideways, so my stomach is forced into a gruesome football shape, while her little hands push one way, and her feet push out the other. It’s such a wonderful feeling. Ha!
Random: The child life girls at work threw the three pregnant specialists the cutest “three peas in a pod” shower this week!! It was so sweet of them and baby girl got some adorable little outfits, socks, headbands and blankets. I will be posting a few pictures from the shower soon because they really did do such an amazing job!
Looking forward to: My baby celebration in 2 weeks. I didn’t really feel the need to have a shower, since there really is not a whole lot we need for this little one (oh the joy of sibling hand me downs!) but my friends still wanted to do something special so we are going out for a fun girls night at the Cheesecake Factory in 2 weeks to celebrate the soon-to-be arrival of Baby Becker!

Big News, Big News!!

We are thrilled to announce that we are expecting baby #2 in the beginning of December!! Leah is just thrilled at the thought of becoming a big sister (maybe….if there is no toy sharing involved…). But at least she will be getting plenty of practice with the other new addition to our family, our new puppy Lucy!!