Around the house…part 2

1 Thessalonians 5:18 “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

Sometimes it can be hard not to get caught up in what we call “First World Problems.” I find myself thinking about our house in a negative way; our dishwasher is still not working, the AC is struggling, I want new hardwood floors, our guest bathroom is pepto-bismol pink, I would love some back porch furniture…I wish we had more money so we could just do a total house renovation. But instead here we are, baby stepping along in our house projects. And at times that can be so frustrating. But then I remind myself to stop. Stop and think about how grateful and blessed I am. I’m grateful that I have a wonderful marriage. I’m grateful that husband and I have solid jobs with stable incomes. I’m grateful that we are only in our mid-20’s and yet we are in the financial position to even own a large beautiful home in a wonderful neighborhood. A house with speckled floors and needed updates and a pepto-bismol pink guest bathroom, but a home all the same. A home to raise our family in and a home that we are so incredibly blessed to have.

I love Pinterest and blogs just the same as the rest of the world (and I’m not sitting here blaming social media for all my house desires and jealous thoughts) but it can be so hard not to get sucked into the “I want and I wish” vortex when I’m on looking at perfect room after perfect room on my Pinterest “Love Home” page or some bloggers gorgeous house tour. I find myself thinking how ugly our laundry room is compared to the perfect pictures I’m perusing on some bloggers “before and after” shots (anyone else obsessed with home renovation blogs?? If so, check out Young House Love) which inevitably leads to negative thoughts about our own poor house. And I don’t want to have bad thoughts about this home of ours. This home that we worked so hard to buy, the home where we laid the new kitchen tile floors with our own two hands, our home where hubs works hard out in the yard every weekend, the home that we have literally put our blood, sweat and tears into over these past 6 months. So yes, maybe we don’t have a Pinterest worthy house, but we have a house full of love, and really, in the end, that’s all that matters.

Around the house.

IMG_0236 IMG_0237 IMG_0248 IMG_0249 IMG_0251 IMG_0255 IMG_0257I know I haven’t posted many pictures of the house yet, mostly because I feel like it’s been one never ending project. Every time I take a picture of a room, it changes a week later. Basically nothing is in it’s “done” stage Instead, we are still fully immersed in the “currently under renovation” stage. But a few things we have done lately…
1. We finally hung the shelves in Leah’s room which houses all her “these are not things to play with” items.
2. My EXCEPTIONALLY talented husband built me gorgeous open shelving in our kitchen. I have been pining after open shelving for years. My “Home” Pinterest board is FULL of open shelving ideas and, since we’ve been married, I’ve talked to Brett about one day having open shelving in our kitchen. So, when we moved into our new home and totally gutted the kitchen I saw a perfect opportunity to make my dream a reality. Luckily, I married a man who is gifted when it comes to woodwork so I just told him what I wanted and how I wanted it to look and BAM, suddenly I’ve got my gorgeous dream kitchen open shelving. 🙂
3. Animal crackers are such a staple in this house that I decided to house them in a pretty glass container. Which only makes me eat them more often.
4. Over 2 years after getting married I finally found the perfect frames at IKEA to house some of my favorite wedding shots. I now have 2 of these frames hung in our entryway, welcoming guests into our home with our love pictures.
5. Brett and I spent two very long Saturday’s painting our entryway, family room, and dining room a perfect shade of greyish/blue. I LOVE the color and I am amazed by how much brighter the house now looks.
Up next…we want to tackle painting the floors. If anyone remembers me mentioning this before, we have terrazzo floors throughout the house (minus the bedrooms which we carpeted when we moved in). Although we eventually want to put in hardwood floors we have a LOT of square footage in this house which equals a LOT of $$. So until we can save a little more to tackle that project, we were thinking it may be fun to paint the floors! Some of my inspirations:  d86e260105964115ad31fe544b590aa321fee6527ed0c4fe7e513b69717d41aa df00afce918516ffabc238debbebf87e ec7174649249094c248c9708ddc852bfObviously this would be a lot of work, but it would be a ton cheaper than putting in hardwood. And I love the look so we are going to research more on how we could do this on top of terrazzo floors!
I’ll keep posting more pictures as our house continues to come along!


IMG_1236 IMG_1237 IMG_1244 IMG_1245 IMG_1248 IMG_1251 IMG_1252 IMG_1253It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here in our new home. I’ve never felt this feeling of having done so much, and yet still having SO much more to do. We came into home ownership knowing that we were buying a fixer-upper. And, so far, we are happy with our choice. We love a good project. Do you see that kitchen up there?? Now that’s a project. One very looonngg difficult project. I’ll be posting some pictures of what it looked like when we moved in and how it’s slowly taken shape over the last few weeks. Let’s just say that I’ve been doing dishes in the laundry room sink for the past 2 weeks. And we haven’t eaten anything that hasn’t been made in a microwave, panini maker, or an electric wok in what feels like a very long time. At this moment, that lovely new island is our one and only thing in the kitchen besides the fridge. Hubs and my father-in-law were nice enough to temporarily place it in the middle of the construction zone last weekend so we at least had some type of cabinet and counter space. Not that you need much when your current idea of cooking is popping a veggie burger in the microwave.

Besides the kitchen craziness things are coming together. New carpet has been installed in the bedrooms, Leah’s room is painted (thanks to my mother-in-law!) and my sister and I spent a very fun weekend sanding down an entire guest room furniture set (queen size bed frame, 2 dresses, a mirror AND 2 end tables) and painting it a sunny yellow. So good things are happening. And hubs and I have been so blessed to have some amazing DIY help from his parents, my sister, and (coming next week) my parents. Nothing brings family together quite like ripping out an entire kitchen, right??

But amongst the craziness, the unpacking, the cleaning and the many, many streaks of paint currently in my hair, hubs and I are loving our new home. I love our happy, tree lined street, our huge, sunny front window, my new walk in closet, and our back yard fruit trees. Yes, we have a long road of work and projects ahead, but nothing is sweeter than being together and being home.