welcome back candy corn.

Today, the gray clouds that have been covering south Florida for the past week parted and the rain stopped, just in time for the running club’s twice weekly run around the park. And then the clouds rolled in and the rain poured down once more. Gotta love Florida.

I came home from our run feeling refreshed, excited to see the start of fall around our apartment.

Welcome back candy corn, I have missed you greatly. And luckily it works out perfectly because I love the candy pumpkins the best and hubs loves the candy corn best. Win-win.

Brett continued to woo me with potatoes. If you’ve never been wooed with potatoes, you’re missing out. He seriously makes the best homemade fries. As in better than any fries I’ve had in restaurants. I think the trick is the super secret creole seasoning he sprinkles on them at the end. (okay, so really not that secret cuz I just told you the trick and you can go buy the seasoning probably at any grocery store. So go buy it. Now. Seriously).

hello deliciousness

Also, lately I’ve been thinking about what a sweet older member of our church told me before the hubs and I got married. She told me that a wife should always try to look good for her husband when he gets home from work. Except Brett and I live a reverse life where he works primarily from home and so I’m coming home to him. And then I go running, shower and change into my comfy yoga pants and a t-shirt and look like this for the rest of the night:

And yet Brett claims that he still thinks I look beautiful. Yup, he’s a keeper.

Is it fall yet?

On Saturday Brett and I traveled down to South Beach Miami, where wearing clothes is totally optional. Even when going into public places like Starbucks. Or the bank. Cuz hey, who needs clothing when it’s 95 degrees out, right?

It was hot, hot, hot, seriously how do people in Miami deal with this heat?! But since me and the hubs are just so much fun we still managed to have a great time while sweating through our clothing. Brett just got his new uber professional camera so he wanted to try it out and get some good pics so off we went to explore the city.

We came across a national beach volleyball tournament on the beach…

And then Brett used me as his model to take some sweet shots.

I know, he's crazy skilled.

Although Miami does have a lot of practically naked people walking around, it is still such a fun city. I love the bright colors and the music and the vibe, the whole place just feels alive.

Bam- Jesus clouds and palm trees, now that's perfection.

I want to go parasailing!

After sweating our way through the city Brett and I decided to stop for an early dinner and fun drinks. Because everyone else was walking around with drinks so I wanted one too. Peer pressure? Maybe. And okay, maybe the drinks were $19 each but it was worth it. It was happy hour so the drinks were “buy one get one free” and we just pretended Brett didn’t want one and then he got my free one. Boo yeah, suddenly the drinks were $9.50 and that’s totally acceptable.

While eating we played a game called Christina points out inappropriately dressed women with delight while Brett tries not to look at them. It was fun. And then we talked about how much fun it would be to do a “Best of South Beach” blog with all the great outfits/lack of outfits we saw. But then we realized the blog would basically be x-rated and everyone would report my pictures for inappropriate content. But it’s still a good idea and for the rest of the day one of us would exclaim “Best of!” whenever we saw a particularly great South Beach example.

After dinner we headed to the beach.

Miami Beach has these great lifeguard towers, all decorated differently.

Oh Carnival cruise ship, we wish we were on you...except maybe not during hurricane season.

I love him

I love this man and the fun times we have together.

The weekend ended with homemade sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles and watching Rio in bed. Wonderful.