IPhone Weekend

It really hit me this weekend just how few weekends we have left before noodle makes her arrival. And as excited I am for her to be here, I am happy we still have those few more weekends because man oh man do I feel like we have a lot of preparing to do still.

This weekend was a busy one for hubs and I. One of those, hey let’s be super productive and basically re-do 3 spaces in the house kind of weekends. I think the nesting instincts are coming on strong. We spent Saturday in IKEA and it was quite the successful trip. We came home with a pretty new table for our front hall (and a plant! I am still shocked how 1 plant totally changes the look of a space) and white frames for baby’s super cute baby prints among many other goodies.

Sunday my body decided to wake up at 5:30 am and stay awake. Baby decided to help me stay awake by developing a particularly spastic bunch of hiccups that lasted a good 20 minutes. But good news, I caught up on my So You Think You Can Dance watching while drinking some particularly good hot chocolate. After church hubs and I worked hard on putting baby’s nursery together and I have to say, it is looking adorable. Nursery tour coming soon, once we have it done. Add to the weekend a strawberry banana yogurt pie and a new book and the weekend came out looking pretty good indeed.

Sunday thoughts.

This weekend has been a great mix of relaxing and productivity. Yesterday hubs and I fought the Christmas crowds and managed to finish our holiday list. Well, minus the gifts I need to buy for him. Brett, on the other hand was all like, “How much do you want your gifts to be a surprise?” as he held up a sports bra (super romantic, I know, but the fact remains that I do need some new ones.) I asked him to please refrain from buying my gifts while I was with him, which he lovingly did.

At times I forget that it’s winter when outside it looks like this:

For some reason I keep thinking that it is the same elsewhere, until I talk to someone up north and they mention how freezing it’s been. I have a feeling that hubs and I will be rather shocked when we step off the plane this Friday and into the freezing cold Pennsylvania air.

Today, minus my morning run and church, we have bunkered down in our apartment, pretending that the winter chill is here as well. The day has consisted of good movies and afternoon naps, which makes the end of the weekend all the more enjoyable. Add in pancakes for dinner and it comes out pretty much perfect.

I will leave you with this, a sneak peak of our new house’s dining room/kitchen/sliding door to our new pool!

Hope you had a relaxing and productive last weekend before Christmas!

Back to the heat

Well, Brett and I are back home after a long weekend in VA. And let me just tell you, Virginia is cold. There I was all excited to step off the plane and finally feel fall and instead I stepped off the plane and experienced…winter. It seems although we must have missed fall completely. Darn it.

Hubs is the greatest at scoring sweet deals on hotels and flights (I mean, come on, he IS basically an extreme couponer after all so getting sweet deals must be in his blood) and he found us a great hotel, right off of 95. Of course, being the awesome deal it was meant that we had some beautiful views from our window. Right across the street? Why, that would be a Hooters.

Just keeping. it. classy.

The wedding was wonderful. Where are the pictures, you ask? Well, here’s the thing. The ceremony took place in a church at 7 pm, which means it was really dark. And no one seemed to be using their flash (including the photographer) and I didn’t want to be the one blinding everyone in order to catch the precious moments. So I just took mental pics in my head. And you’ll just have to believe me that it was beautiful.

On Saturday the Lord blessed us with a wonderful, beautiful, crisp fall day, most likely because he was sick of hearing me complain about the weather non-stop since we arrived. Since our flight wasn’t until later that evening, Brett and I decided to drive into Carytown, a cute little area of Richmond, where the police officers still patrol the neighborhoods on horse back.

Carytown is just the cutest. And the houses in the area? Well, let’s just say I wanted to buy almost every other one I saw. And the fall leaves! I was just about ready to shove them in my suitcase and take them back to Florida with me.

This is the point where hubs told me to stop taking pics of cats.

My dream house:

Walking around Richmond did make me miss the rich history of Virginia. My dream is to one day live in an old, historic house, which will not be coming true where we live in south FL unless by “old” and “historic” I mean a ranch house from the 1950’s. Which I don’t. FYI. But hubs seems to think that there are historic FL homes, somewhere. We’ll see.

And I have to say, after sitting in the airport for far too long, I was nothing but thrilled to step outside, smell the sweet salt water breeze and realize that, although it was after midnight, I was not shivering. We’re happy to be home, but even happier that we will be jumping back on a plane in just three days to head up to NY for Thanksgiving!

Hope your weekend was fall-tastic.

Lifetime Sunday…

The husband and I had a great weekend down here in Southern FL. Because we didn’t get our fill of car-related activities with our 4 hour trip to the DMV last week, we decided it would be super fun to head to the Tag Agency on Saturday morning to get our new registration and license plates. Of course after waiting about an hour for my number to be called I was told that I didn’t have all the needed paperwork, so it looks like I will be back there next Saturday, which is just awesome. That was obviously my plan in the first place. Obviously. Luckily the day was made better after meeting up with some great new Florida friends, which was seriously the first semblance of a social life that Brett and I have had in months (we’re new in town, mkay??)

Sunday, aka the best day of the week, was a lazy day of wonderfulness. (And yes, that’s totally a word) After a great church service we headed to the grocery store for our weekly paper pick up to get the coupon inserts. Mr. Coupon was wicked psyched this week because each paper had 4 coupon inserts EACH!! Holy Cow!!! Could life get more exciting!? He wanted to buy 4 papers, but I talked him down to 2. I have a feeling, however, that he will be buying 2 more papers tomorrow because apparently the coupons were just THAT good!

What you don’t have a hardcore paper/coupon cutter?? Psh…all the cool kids have one.

The coupon pile:

After my weekly Sunday laundry/apartment cleaning spree we spent most of the afternoon watching some quality Lifetime movies, my favorite being “William and Kate”. Brett was especially thrilled with that one. I spent 90% of the movie asking Brett, “Do you think that actually happened?!” because I was obviously concerned with the film’s validity (for William and Kate’s sake, of course). However, being Lifetime I totally knew that they wouldn’t exaggerate the story what-so-ever. And I’m sure William and Kate were watching it, because I mean, if Lifetime made a movie about my life I would totally watch it.

Being the cool kids we are, Brett and I also spent some time taking some modeling shots on the couch. Because you never know when you might need some sweet head shots.

Oh, and for anyone that may have been wondering (I know you all were…) I didn’t make any delicious dessert today because we are still making our way through the huge Mississippi Mud cake from last Sunday. We are down to the last 2 slices though and it’s still delicious. I also realized that I never posted the recipe like I said I would, which probably disappointed my many thousands of readers. However, I’m about to crawl in bed with the hubs and watch “Sweet Home Alabama” before falling asleep so it will have to wait until next time.

Happy Sunday!

Lazy Sundays

Happy Weekend! I think I have come to enjoy/appreciate weekends so much more since I started my new job (I am a Child Life Specialist at a Children’s Hospital-a job I will talk more about in the near future). For the past 4 months I have worked every-other weekend, which basically, to be honest, has been terrible. Although I have Friday and Monday off on the weeks I work weekends, not having 2 days off in a row makes me come back to work feeling less than refreshed. Luckily, I am changing departments starting in August to an outpatient unit which is closed on weekends. So my schedule will officially change back to the norm Mon-Fri in only a few more weeks (and I couldn’t be happier about that!) Anyway, all that to say..I love weekends with a renewed passion and this weekend happened to be a great one!

Just for kicks here is a list of 10 things that made this weekend fantastic: (Because I’m sure you’re all dying to know…)

1. Watching Harry Potter Friday night…and Saturday night….and again tonight. The hubs and I are preparing ourselves for HP7 part 2 this weekend, which obviously means having a HP viewing party of all previous movies.

2. Shopping with the husband on a Saturday and finding super sweet finds at different stores. We have been trying to finish out our wedding registry, buying things we still need. Which luckily is not that much. And although I usually hate hate hate long shopping days, Brett thoughtfully bought me a bag of coconut M&M’s at the Big Lots, which lasted me through the rest of our shopping afternoon. (On a side note, go buy those M&M’s they’re delicious!)

3. Sleeping in. Although thanks to my daily work schedule my body seems to think it needs to wake up at 7:30 am everyday. Including weekends.

4. Setting my alarm to go running before church but then turning it off to get 45 more mins of sleep instead.

5. Going to church. Because of my terrible (but soon to be changed!) work schedule mentioned above, going to church is not something I get to do every weekend and I really miss it when I don’t. Also, church is prime noodle watching, which I love. (Noodles=babies in the Becker household).

6. Cleaning the apartment. Weird? Well maybe but I love starting the week with a clean house.

7. Chatting with every one of my sisters on the phone. Doesn’t happen often enough!

8. Snuggling.

9. Making homemade caramel brownies! Although technically I haven’t tasted them since they’re still baking…but they smell good and that’s a good sign. (Update-brownies are out of the oven and they LOOK good…even better sign).

10. Well I could really only think of 9 reasons so number 10 is just HAVING a weekend. Because weekends are wonderful.

Back to Costa Rica…..

On your honeymoon, it's good to bring your own pool boy to get you drinks.

Still more to come…have a great rest of your weekend!