Pregnancy Update

Here it is–6 months into my pregnancy–and I’ve barely documented any of it!! It just goes to show how different it is the third time around!! Honestly, most days I am so busy running around with the girls that I don’t even think about being pregnant; that is until the end of the day when I collapse on the couch, totally exhausted!!

The collage of pictures are ALL the pictures I have taken during this pregnancy. I know; pathetic!! And none of them have even been with a “real” camera!! The first picture is from the start of my “bump”-at 14 weeks, and the bottom right picture was taken this week-at 26 weeks. I honestly cannot believe that the baby is due in just 14 short weeks. With Leah (and a little with Claire) I was counting down the weeks until the baby would be born, but with this one I am taking the pregnancy one day at a time, since I know my life is going to get 5x crazier once this third kid makes his/her arrival!!


At the end of January I had my 20 week ultra sound. We went into the ultra sound with the decision NOT to find out the gender, and we were (somewhat surprisingly) able to stick with our decision! This is our first time going the “surprise route” and I honestly thought the not knowing would bother me a lot more than it actually does. The idea came to me back when we were trying to get pregnant and month after month I was praying (begging?) God to get pregnant and to bless us with a healthy baby. It really hit me during that time that I never, ever thought about whether I was hoping and praying for one gender over the other, I simply wanted whatever baby God blessed us with. So, once we finally got pregnant, I decided (and so did Brett!) to continue my prayers of gratitude for this baby, this beautiful, wonderful baby that God blessed us with, without any thought or pressure on what the baby’s gender is. And it really has been reassuring and somehow completely peaceful, to pray for this special child, without a care in the world about whether baby is a boy or a girl.

That being said, obviously I am SO excited to find out who this sweet baby is come June! The girls change their minds daily on whether they think baby is a brother or a sister. Currently they are both saying sister, but I think Claire’s opinion may just be an echo of her big sister’s. πŸ˜‰ Leah has been such a sweet big sister already, hugging my belly and talking to the baby and giving us name suggestions. She is not really into any boy names (no surprise there!) but her current favorite girl names are Margaret (after Daniel Tiger’s little sister of course!), Stella, and Velvet. It’s been very sweet, seeing her be so involved with this pregnancy!

As for how I’m feeling, it’s been very different from my first 2 pregnancies, but I think it’s because a lot has changed since my last 2 pregnancies. This is my first pregnancy as a stay at home mom, and although I initially wondered if that would make it easier, I have quickly realized that is not the case. Brett also now has a job that requires a LOT of travel, which means that I may go a week at a time solo parenting, which has only added to my exhaustion. Besides that, however, I am feeling really great!! I am still hitting the gym 3-4 times a week and am sleeping comfortably. I definitely sleep a lot on my back (I know, I know, a big pregnancy no no!) but it hasn’t proved to be too uncomfortable yet and I haven’t started needing to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, so I’ve still gotten pretty good nights sleep. (Well, as long as my other 2 children allow it, of course!)

As for weight gain, I seem to be right on track to gain the same amount as I did with my earlier 2 pregnancies. I don’t gain any weight my first trimester, and by 20 weeks I was only up 3 lbs. However, I know from experience, that my body has an uncanny ability to catch up, so I had to laugh out loud when I went back in for my 24 week appointment and I had gained 10 LBS in ONE MONTH! Like I said……I know how to make up for lost time. πŸ˜› Now, 2 weeks later, I am up another 2-3 lbs for a grand total of a 15-16 lb weight gain. With the girls I was up 33 lbs by the end and I have a feeling I will be right on track with this one as well.

This belly is definitely a lot bigger than the girls and it is so high! Baby was still breech at 20 weeks (where as the girls were both head down by then) so I am not sure if that is making a difference with how high the belly seems to be. Baby was right on track growth wise at 20 weeks and all looked great. The only “concern” was a bit of fluid that was backed up in the baby’s kidneys at the time of the ultra sound. My OB reassured me that it is VERY common at that stage in the pregnancy and I will have a follow up ultra sound when I go in for my glucose test in 2 weeks, just to monitor baby’s kidneys and make sure the fluid back up hasn’t gotten any worse.

So there it is!! The first pregnancy update at 6 months along!! πŸ™‚ Aches, exhaustion and all, I seriously love being pregnant and I am enjoying every, single minute of carrying this child!!

2 week update

I cannot believe that it’s been 2 weeks since Claire was born!! Time is flying and this sweet girl gets cuter every day. Her sweet little personality is such a perfect addition to our family and we are all falling in love with her more and more every day. Here’s a little update on what’s been going on here these past 2 weeks….
Claire-Is doing awesome. She is such a chill baby. She honestly barely cries. She seems to be the quintessential second child, you know…all “I’m here, but I don’t want to be too much of a bother..” She just hangs outs, loves being cuddled and held and will quietly let out a few little grunts when she wants to eat. She LOVES to nurse and has already gained almost a full pound since birth!! We had her 2 week appointment on Monday and her pediatrician was so surprised at her weight. Most babies just make it back to their birth weight by 2 weeks, but our little chunky monkey likes to excel and go beyond the norm. Talking about nursing….
Is going AMAZING. I was prepared for it to be difficult at first, as it was with Leah. I loved nursing Leah (we went 16 months and would have gone longer if it was up to me…) but it was hard and painful and awkward at first and it made for a very anxious and unpleasant first few weeks. So I was mentally prepared for that again. I was prepared for the stress and the soreness and the “let’s try and get the hang of this” period, and yet instead…it’s been a complete breeze. Claire nursed for the first time about 10 minutes after she was born and she has been moving along smoothly ever since. There was NO pain this time around at all. She latched on like a champ and is already nursing on both sides at every eating and is not showing any one side favoritism (unlike her sister). Which is probably why she is gaining weight like a little champ. I don’t know if nursing is so much easier this time around because I’m so much more relaxed or because Claire seems to have the perfect latch, but whatever it is, I’ll take it!
Sleeping-Oh the funnest part of having a newborn, right?? Claire totally tricked us the first few nights home from the hospital by making us think she was a stellar sleeper (the first few nights she slept glorious 5-6 hour stretches).Β  Then, just when Brett and I were high fiving each other for getting so lucky she was all “Fooled you!!” and started sleeping the (let’s be honest) normal 2-3 hour night stretches that aren’t as fun. Every once in awhile, just when I think I’m going to pass out from exhaustion, she will throw in a good 4 hour stretch that will help mommy regain her sanity. What can I say, the girl likes to eat. It’s not the waking up to nurse that is the hard part (the girl is efficient and can be done with both sides in 15 minutes) it’s the settling down part that is the hardest. The kid is like an old man with the sleep noises she makes; grunts, snores, snorts and the likes that makes falling asleep again hard. Once she is in her deep sleep she is silent again, but that usually takes about an hour after nursing to set in. An hour in which I am up, rocking and patting, and trying to get her to settle in again as fast as possible. However, again, I am so much more relaxed this time around. With Leah, I remember some nights, looking at the clock glow at 3 am and panicking thinking, “I will never sleep again…” This time, however, I remember how short this phase is, and, exhausted or not, I plan on soaking up every snuggle I can get with this little peanut, even the ones at 3 am..
Leah-Is doing well! Don’t get me wrong, there have been fits and crying and a weird new stutter that coincidentally started the day we brought Claire home from the hospital, but everything she is displaying is like Child Development 101 for how a 2 year old should act when a large change is made in their life. We have been showering her with love and patience and special treats and she is slowly adjusting to this new little person in our lives. The good news is, she never once took her aggression and adjusting out on Claire. From day one she has LOVED this little girl. She is always asking to hold her and feed her and she rubs and kisses her head every chance she can get. My mom and Brett’s mom have both been here and have spent a lot of special attention on Leah (she even spent a few days alone with her nana up at the island condo) and we are making sure that both Brett and I spend 1 on 1 time with her as well. She is SUCH a good girl though and I have been so proud of how she has handled this new change!
Healing-Has been a little rough, but I’m getting there! I had some pretty bad tearing with Claire’s birth (maybe the result of pushing her out in less than 10 minutes?) which has made the healing process longer than it was after I had Leah. Add in the fact that I now also have a 2 year old who is dying for attention (and wants mommy to pick her up and hold her) and the fact that I might not be the best at letting myself just sit still and heal, and it’s been a tough 2 weeks to say the least. But having Leah up at the island this week has really helped with making myself rest more and I think we are finally rounding the corner over here. Body wise, I’ve been shocked at how fast my uterus seems to be shrinking back down to normal size!!! Everyone warned me that your body bounces back much slower with number 2 (and then slower still with each baby after..) but I have had the opposite. Body wise, I am bouncing back MUCH quicker than I did with Leah. Maybe the result of working out consistently my entire pregnancy? Who knows, but I’m not complaining!! I gained a total of 35 lbs with this pregnancy and I am down a little more than 20 lbs so far. Obviously, I am doing nothing at the moment besides nursing and sitting on the couch (while inhaling bags of Trader Joe’s cowboy bark-anyone ever have that stuff?? I’m seriously addicted) but I am excited to be cleared to start working out again at my 6 week appointment and then hopefully the last 15 or so lbs will come off quickly!

So, overall, everyone is doing great here in the Becker house! I even surprised myself by getting Christmas cards of the girls out on time. Look at me go. πŸ˜‰ Now we are getting ready for my parents and sister to come next week to celebrate Claire’s first Christmas!! It’s a good, good life over here… πŸ™‚

36 weeks

So…I haven’t been all that great with these “weekly” updates!! Life is much more busy with a toddler at home than it was the first time around! πŸ™‚ But here is FINALLY an update for the past month (whoops)…

Total weight gain: 28 lbs
Biggest craving this week: Apple cider!! It’s so crisp and delicious and I just want to drink it all the time. πŸ™‚ I’m also loving Trader Joes honey wheat pretzels and anything else salty. I have the opposite problem of many pregnant women, where my blood pressure plummets wayyyy too low while I’m pregnant. It has gotten to the point where at my last appointment, at 34 weeks, the nurse who took my blood pressure thought it was wrong and did it twice, only to ask in amazement, “girl, how have you not passed out by now?!” I have no idea. I have to constantly eat salt or else I get super dizzy and light headed. My doctor told me to basically dump salt on anything and everything, otherwise she will have to put me on salt tablets for the rest of my pregnancy. Brett is hilarious and will grind salt on basically everything I eat (even salting my pizza) but, lucky for me, my parents work for an all natural food company that sells salt so I am eating lots and lots of healthy sea salts!!
Baby is now the size of: A honeydew. She most likely weighs around 6 lbs and is 18 or so inches long.
How I’m Feeling: Ready to be done!! Baby has definitely dropped and I am officially full on waddle walking at work. I can feel her head basically in my birth canal (so pleasant!) so it makes walking all around the hospital extremely unpleasant by the end of my day. I’m taking a lot more naps lately and have been lying on the couch reading for most of the afternoon while I’m home, trying my best to take the pressure off of my pelvis. Luckily, although walking is getting harder spin is still going strong!! It’s getting a little more uncomfortable to sit on those skinny little bike seats, but besides that, my body still feels awesome while spinning!! Me and my friend Shannon just laugh every week as we get slower and more out of breath during the workout, but hey, at least we are there!!
Movement: The movements are officially in the “ouch!!” phase. When she gets in a good kick to the ribs or a punch to my hip bones it takes my breath away! She also makes me and Brett laugh when we notice her odd positions that make my stomach stretch in (painful) odd configurations. She seems to love to tuck her little feet in and stick her booty way up on one side, which makes my stomach rise in a high peak, just along one side. I smack her little booty until she puts it down because it does NOT feel nice!!
Random: I finally got around to going through all of Leah’s old boxed up baby clothes and I washed all the 0-3 month outfits and got them all put away in baby’s dresser. It’s funny because, with Leah, I had the whole nursery set up, diapers bought, and clothes washed and folded by 30 weeks. But with kid number 2 it was like last weekend when I suddenly thought, “Hmmm, I should probably start to get some things ready for this kid…” So funny with the difference a second baby makes! Plus, it’s been so easy for us, knowing that baby #2 is another girl, because I haven’t had to worry about getting new clothes. We still have not bought 1 single pack of diapers, but at least her clothes are washed and ready and her car seat is out! (But not yet installed…..)
Looking forward to: My ultra sound next Wednesday!! I feel like we haven’t seen her in forever!! Due to my pregnancy with Leah being high risk, I was spoiled and got an ultra sound every 2 weeks and I just LOVED getting to see her so often! With this baby, we have only had the normal 12 and 20 week scan so I am so excited to get one more sneak peek at her before she is born. Hopefully this ultra sound will also give us a good estimate on how big she will be at birth!!

29 weeks

Total weight gain: 19 lbs
Biggest craving this week: Pumpkin flavored anything, but that may just be because I am craving fall here in the south Florida heat….
Baby is now the size of:Β A butternut squash. She’s about 3 lbs and is 15-16 inches long!
How I’m Feeling: Just okay. I am dealing with some HORRIBLE round ligament pain, just along my right side (underbelly and groin area). It’s so bad that I can’t cross my right leg without physically lifting it up with my arms and whenever I walk or run I have pain along that side all. the. time. It’s never ending. Sometimes the pain wakes me up at night when I roll over and/or move my right leg and when I stand up I have to physically hold onto my underbelly to keep from being in too much pain. Sounds fun, right? It exhausts me to think that I have 11 more weeks of this to look forward to….Funny enough, spin class doesn’t bother it at ALL (if anything, it helps loosen it and provide some relief for at least a short amount of time) so at least my Monday night spin class is still going strong plus it just gives me one more enticing reason to heave myself up off the couch and go!
How clothes fit: So the other day I ventured to Ross to pick up some new work out clothes (all my workout tanks are starting to creep up the belly-it wasn’t pretty). I only found one long top, but on a whim I decided to check out their small maternity section to see if there was anything good. I have been researching the best pair of maternity leggings (I never had a good pair when I was pregnant with Leah) and everything I read kept pointing me to Ingrid and Isabel except their leggings are $50!! Umm, no thank you. So in Ross I saw a few pair of leggings and I grabbed some to try on. Well, as soon as I slid into the ones pictured above, I knew that I had found the right ones. I am not kidding when I say that these leggings are the most comfortable item of clothing I have EVER put on! They are a “one size fits all” kind of deal but they are still fitted, without being too tight. The waist band is loose enough so that it doesn’t dig into you and they can be worn either under or over the belly. They are thick enough to not be see through at all, but thin enough that they aren’t too hot or bulky. And they are lined with this super soft, fleecy material that feels like the worlds most comfortable blanket against my skin. All that awesomeness for $6.99. Oh yeah! Who needs $50 leggings when you can find the WORLD’S MOST COMFORTABLE leggings for less than $10!?? All that to say, these leggings are never, ever coming off.
Movement: Baby girl is wiggling around in there like crazy and she seems to enjoy punching my left hip bone multiple times a day, which gives me such a horrible jolt it makes me jump every time!
Random: I have had lots of funny/opposite comments with this pregnancy. On one hand I get a lot of “You’re so tiny with your little basketball belly!” or “Are you kidding me?! I was that size at (insert a point in pregnancy less than my own) weeks!” On the completely opposite hand, I’ve gotten some “Oh wow you’re so big!” and “You look SO much bigger than you did with your first pregnancy!” comments. I know it all depends on an individual’s perception and/or their own pregnancy experience, but still, it cracks me up. So apparently I am huge, yet tiny, at the same time!! From now on, I think everyone should just stick with “Wow, you look wonderful!” and leave it at that. πŸ˜›
Looking forward to: The baby shower I am throwing for my good friend Katie next weekend!! Can’t wait to celebrate her sweet baby boy who is coming so so soon!!!!

**Oh, PS. For anyone who might wonder why Lucy is wearing a cone, she was spayed on Monday so she is still recovering from surgery!

27 weeks

Total weight gain: 15 lbs
Biggest craving this week:Β Seltzer! It’s a weird craving to have, but I seriously cannot get enough. Luckily, it’s only helping me drink more water which is a good thing! Besides that, my love for pumpkin hit as soon as September started so I’ve been all about the pumpkin desserts…
Baby is now the size of:Β A cauliflower. Over 2 lbs and about 14 inches long!!
How I’m Feeling:Β Tired. Luckily my cold is fading, but (probably from all my nose blowing) I have a super fun new pregnancy symptom: a bloody nose. And I’m talking really bad, blood flowing out bloody nose. Gross. Let’s hope that doesn’t last too long. I’ve also been so itchy this pregnancy! It’s very weird, but it feels like I am having an allergic reaction to something all the time. My chest, arms, back and stomach are especially itchy. It’s horrible and I just want to scratch (or better yet, have Brett scratch my back) all day long! When I mentioned it at my appointment last week my doctor responded with an “Ohhhh one of the rarest pregnancy symptoms!” Like I should be proud at my ability to only get the rarest of horrible pregnancy side effects. Lucky me! Besides that (as I sit here and try not to scratch) I’m still working out at the gym 2-3 weeks, dragging myself there even when I’m feeling exhausted!
How clothes fit: This belly seems to poke out differently than my first. Shirts that I know were still fitting me at this time with Leah, are creeping up over my belly. It’s funny how differently your body can carry a pregnancy! To make it easier to get ready for work I have hung up my small collection of shirts that fit all together so I can just quickly choose in the morning. Sadly, my collection is dwindling down a lot quicker than I would like!
Movement: We are officially starting the time when her movements are not as cute and enjoyable anymore but are instead more painful and jolting. The other day at work she kept punching my hip bone which left me grimacing as I tried to prep a patient for surgery. I still don’t think she’s as hyper (or maybe as big) as Leah was, since she was a lot crazier in the womb, but this one is definitely starting to get some power behind those kicks of hers!
Random: It’s so funny how you can make your belly look bigger vs smaller with how you are standing. I don’t think much about how I pose for these weekly updates (since it’s basically the same) but I realized when I looked at this weeks picture that my belly looks like it has shrunk 3 sizes from last week! When I compared pics I realized that last week I was standing with my back really curved (doing the whole pregnant woman, stick-out-your-stomach pose) while this week I stood up straight and normal. Random, but funny…so if anyone noticed that my belly seems to have drastically shrunk since last week, that’s why!
Looking forward to: My best friend’s baby shower that I’m throwing at my house at the end of the month! πŸ™‚

26 weeks

I was too tired to put on real pants for this week’s photo, so yoga pants will have to do!
Also, in all the hoopla of Leah’s birthday last week, I totally forgot to take a 25 week update picture, whoops! Yet another example she can in the future when she’s complaining about being the forgotten second child. πŸ˜‰

So this week’s been a tough one because I’m suffering from a bad cold and a cold + pregnancy= death. I’ve felt so exhausted all day, which isn’t been helped by my inability to sleep well at night, due to a stuffy nose and congested cough. I’m hoping it clears up soon! I completed my super fun glucose test today, which resulted in a VERY nauseous afternoon. I do not remember the glucose test making me feel ill when I was pregnant with Leah, but I’m wondering if my bad cold is related. Other updates for this week…(or really, the past 2 weeks!) The belly has REALLY popped! I feel like there has been a LOT of growth between week 23 and 26. Today I saw a nurse who hadn’t worked since Friday and she stopped short and said “Woah! Your stomach grew!!” which I definitely feel is true. She also went on to comment that I “looked huge!” which is just the thing any pregnant woman wants to hear, right?! Cravings haven’t really been too strong the past few weeks…still loving chocolate and dairy with a side of something nice and salty! I found out my other friend who is pregnant in our pregnant trio (we joke that we all signed a pregnancy pact) is also having a GIRL which excites me to no end! Looks like baby will have a built in best friend, and a built in boyfriend! Lucky her! And…..that’s all I can think of. I apologize for the super lame update this week….Seriously, blame the cold; my head feels like it’s stuffed with cotton balls. But, in good news, we are heading up to the island tomorrow for the weekend!! I’m hoping the cool ocean breeze clears out my cold and I’m looking forward to relaxing on the beach with my new library book all weekend. πŸ™‚

21 weeks

I’m always a few days late with these updates…so technically I’m almost half way through the week, but I figure how much can I change in a few days, right?? One of these days I’ll try and post on time….

So, 21 weeks. Updates for this week include: Another lb gained and baby GIRL is moving and squirming around more and more. This marks the first week that Brett got to feel her from the outside. Does anyone else ever notice that baby seems to just know when it’s the mom’s hand on the belly vs anyone else’s?? Brett and I can be sitting on the couch, watching our evening show (we’re flying through Scandal on Netflix and LOVING it) and I can have my hand causally resting on the bump. Baby will start squirming and kicking like crazy, and I’ll quickly grab Brett’s hand and place in on my belly and then he feels….nothing. It’s like baby knows it’s not my hand and suddenly she gets all shy and doesn’t care to perform. So it’s taken quite some time for me to finally be able to do the hand switch quick enough for Brett to feel a good kick! I feel like we spent most of this week really letting it sink in that we are having another girl! Every time I think about it I get more and more excited and when I see two little sisters together I can’t help but smile (or cry, but you know…pregnancy hormones….) The 21st week also marks the moment where this pregnancy no longer went unnoticed. I’ve switched to wearing maternity pants full time this week and the belly just popped (as least to me it has). I had numerous nurses on my unit suddenly exclaim “Oh my gosh, you’re pregnant?!” on Friday and it made me laugh to answer, “Yup, 21 weeks…it’s another girl” to all of their astonished faces. It’s not that I MEANT to hide it for this long, it’s just a weird thing to casually bring up at work so I was just waiting for everyone to finally notice. And I guess now is the time! You know when I first started these updates, around 17 weeks, and I said I was carrying smaller than I was with Leah? I think that time too has passed. I look at pictures from the same week with my first pregnancy and I definitely think I look bigger this time around. I’ll have to post some side-by-side pictures for a true comparison. My belly is also SO different than it was with Leah. With Leah, I was more round where as this belly seems to be more narrow on the sides and pointy in the middle. My friend’s husband calls those pointy bellies “torpedo bellies” and I’m afraid this one may be one of those….We shall see as I continue to grow! It is funny to me just how differently your body can carry a second pregnancy, even when the first was only 2 years ago. We leave for New York this Friday for a full week to visit Brett’s family and see his sister get married so my next update will be from NY!