Random Tuesday Thoughts…

Just doing my favorite activity; sitting in the street, feeding and loving random stray kitties.

1. Tonight the husband and I had waffles for dinner, which I loved. Because I am big on having breakfast for dinner. Okay, actually I am huge on breakfast in general. Which means that eating basically 2 breakfasts in a day automatically makes a day special. But what was CRAZY was the fact that hubs and I both decided we wanted waffles for dinner at the exact. same. time. Now that’s love.

2. Today at work one of my good friends was convinced all day that I was pregnant because our hospital’s therapy dog could not seem to leave me alone. And apparently dogs can sense when you have a bun in the oven? Although I am 99.9% sure that I am NOT preggers, I tried to get more of a definitive answer out of her like, “okay, bark once if I’m pregnant, bark twice if you’re just enjoying lovin’ on me…” Sadly, she did not give me a clear answer. But, if by some heavenly miracle I am pregnant, than I think that dog deserves a raise.

3. Our running club is killing our twice weekly park runs. Except now we’ve hit that point where we all think “hmm we should probably up our mileage…” And yet we are all so comfortable with our easy runs that it’s hard to think about pushing ourselves more. But we are determined to do so on Thursday, since we get to reward ourselves with fro-yo afterwards. And I mean immediately afterwards. As in, I am mapping out a run that starts and ends in the fro-yo parking lot. Because we are just that serious about our yogurt.

And that’s about it. Happy Tuesday (although I was made less happy when I realized that Glee and New Girl were not on tonight thanks to a baseball game…oh, the disappointment…)

Friday Fro-Yo

Welcome Friday, we are so glad you’re back.

Christine and I celebrated Friday full out, enjoying cake at work to celebrate the hospital’s therapy dog’s birthday (yeah, we do that at a children’s hospital, okay?) and frozen yogurt after work. Yes we both felt like we were slipping into a diabetic shock after we finished, but hey, that’s how we child life specialists roll. I quickly realized that Christine is no more decisive than I am as we both stood in front of the yogurt choices for a good 5 minutes before picking out our favorite fro-yo combinations. But hey, I appreciate someone who understands the seriousness that is picking the perfect yogurt combination. And the indecisive choosing was worth it because man was it good. And the Hello Kitty bowls and spoons just topped off our frozen yogurt experience.

After getting home I swore up and down to Brett that I was stuffed to the max and I would not be eating anymore tonight. Well 30 minutes later we received a call from Brett’s parents who are here to visit our their vacation condo and whoops, they stepped off the plane realizing they had forgotten the keys. So we jumped in the car and headed north, while they headed south to meet us in the middle for the key exchange.

Of course the key drop off turned into going out to dinner which turned into me eating more food than I should have which now results in a massive too full stomach ache. But hey, what can you do when you happen to go to a restaurant that you happen to know makes some of the best mashed potatoes? Besides the stomach ache, the trip was beneficial because we happened along a group of 12 year old girls climbing into a party limo, all of whom were dressed in wayy too little clothes. And I am not just being prudish here. Seriously. My jaw hit the ground when I saw some of the skirts these girls were wearing. As I ranted to Brett about the girls/parents of today’s generation I exclaimed in my excitement, “I’m going to write a book about this!” And I thought of the best and most catchy title for my future book. Seriously. But I can’t share because someone might steal it. Just look for it to come out around the year 2020.

On the way home I serenaded Brett with Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me” and marveled at the fact that a song that I loved when I was 11 years old is still in my memory. And I mean like every single word. And I sang those words with vigor and passion because that made me feel better about those words taking up space in my mind. Now it’s time to relax on the couch with husband and watch a documentary about cruise ships. Which of course is making us want to take a cruise.

Happy Friday!

Thursday Thoughts

"Back off or I will cut you!!"

I forgot to add that picture in my last weekend post. One of the many adorable fiddler crabs that me and my mom chased around the parking lot, trying to save. Really, these crabs were so not considerate of the effort we were making to keep them safe. We try to save them from being squashed by cars, they run away. So ungrateful. As you can see by Sherwin’s pose (yes Sherwin. He had to have a name) he can be quite tough when backed into a corner. We left him alone because we feared for our lives after catching a glimpse of those crazy weapons.

Anyways, happy almost weekend. Things that are making me happy right now:

1. The fact that our cake is getting more delicious as it continues to soak up all the goodness.

2. The fact that me and a friend are going to Yogurt Land after work tomorrow to celebrate the weekend. Who doesn’t love a land of yogurt??

3. The fact that I come home every day to a smiling husband who hugs and kisses me right away and tells me that he loves me.

4. The fact that I just started a new book and I get excited every time I crack it open to read.

5. The fact that tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is right around the corner!

Happy Thursday!